How to start a candle business in India

Things to know before you start a candle-making business

Candle-making is one the most affordable and convenient ways to start a business. It does not need a huge capital or heavy machinery to start. The raw material like wax and wicks are easily available, making this business ideal for people who want to become small-scale entrepreneurs. Additionally, since a lot of people love hand-made stuff there is always a demand for candles in the market.

Candles are used in religious ceremonies, and as decoration at restaurants, parties, weddings and other events. They are also very basic household items for many. So if you want to start a low capital, candle-making business, read on to know more.

Identify the type of candle you want to sell:

Before manufacturing, you need to decide what kind of candles you would like to sell. It is always better to start off with a few products and then add more as you go. There are different types of candles like tealight candles, scented candles, decorative candles, regular candles and more. Each type caters to a different customer group. Additionally, you can also choose what kind of wax you want to use. Some of the most commonly used waxes are paraffin, beeswax and vegetable wax. Choose one that is best-suited for the kind of candles you want to sell.

Create a good brand name and identity:

Creating a good brand name gives you an edge over your competitors, as customers tend to buy from a brand that they can relate to. It is advisable to start off by creating a good brand name for your products and building the brand’s identity through great products and customer service. Read some tips on how to create a brand name for more information.

Manufacture the candles:

Once you have decided what to sell and have thought of a good and relatable brand name, you can manufacture the candles. If you are new to the art of candle-making, take a couple of classes on how to make candles. You could also learn this through online videos. Source good quality waxes and wicks from a reliable source and start making them at home or in a factory.

Package the candles well:

The mark of a good product is how well it has been packaged. Put some thought into how you can creatively pack the candles in order to make it more appealing to the customers. You can use printed plastic covering or cardboard boxes to place these candles in. Also, use colourful ribbons to make the candles look more attractive.

Once all these steps are done, the only thing remaining to do is selling your candles. There is a good demand of hand-made candles all year long, be it for leisure, parties or religious activities. The best way to reach out to a large customer base is to sell candles online. Selling through a large and established marketplace like Amazon may provide your business with a good boost by making your products available to crores of online shoppers. It is a fairly easy process to become a seller on Amazon. Just register yourself as a seller on Amazon and list your products, today!
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