How to set up a free online store - 4 easy ways!

We’ve seen how online shopping has become increasingly popular over the years. A lot of retailers are attracted by the revenues that online selling can bring in. There are lots of online outlets available today, with even more coming up in the future and it looks like this trend will last a while.

Buyers get lots of benefits when shopping online. It more convenient for them to approach an online or ecommerce marketplace. Here it is easy for them to search for a product, go through prices, details, size or colour options etc.

So, knowing how to set up an online store is the need of the hour. An ecommerce storefront is a great way to keep your business relevant, afloat in tough times, earn sales profits and even compete in a digital age.
The customer is the main part of your sales strategy. Reaching buyers through an online store can change retail business for you. Right now, there are two ways to approach setting up your online sales channel.

~ Upgrade your own online sales platform – If you already have a dedicated website, there are plenty of upgrades, services you can add to the website.
~ Move to an existing online marketplace–Certain multivendor ecommerce partners offer more buyer benefits, visibility, customers.

Is it your goal to explore online marketplaces or learn how to create Amazon store? Do you think of working on your laptop, while your online business rakes in sales numbers automatically?
These are two things that we can address here. We believe that we can get your online store ready, with any product you’re selling, today. In fact, you can being selling immediately after setting up the store.

Whether you are a new or experienced small business, you can still benefit from an online sales store. Explained here in our guide are some steps on how to set up a free online store.

Quick steps to setting up an online store

Getting started on online sales businesses is hard work. There are many steps to be followed and decisions to be made. To show you how to open an Amazon store in India the easy way, we have listed out some items required for registration.

These are documents as required for running any business, based on important tasks you will face when selling, building an online catalogue, addressing your buyer's needs and queries.

1) Your Contact Details

The very first step in registering your store is to fill in personally identifiable details. These details include your name, email ID, phone numbers, business category and business address. These can even be phone numbers, email IDs created solely for your business.

2) Your GST Number

The second step is verifying your GST (Goods and Service Tax) number. All business owners are required to have a GST number for their business, as per the indirect taxation system requirements. If you need more help or information on GST, kindly refer to our A to Z GST Guide here.

Listed in the guide are some critical details you need to know about enrolling for GST, filing returns, registering your business and other GST related queries.

3) Your PAN Number

The third essential document is the PAN (Permanent Account Number) issued to individuals and business owners by the Income Tax Department of India. This is a 10 digit number that is used for processing payments to your bank accounts after you complete a sale.

It is even used for tracking your tax deductions and works as an identification proof as well. But keep in mind that there are two kinds of PAN IDs. One is your individual PAN Card/number and the other is your business PAN Card/number.

4) Your Bank Account Details

All money earned through each online purchase is directly transferred to your registered bank account. To connect your bank account with your online store, you have to submit complete details including the IFSC code.
To know how to open a bank account, see our detailed checklist that can help you with this. Some retailers set up a bank account using the name of their business venture. If you plan on running a business firm, then you must have a GST certificate in the name of that business firm for a bank account.

Starting up your store online is simple, quick, absolutely free and we are here to help!! Still waiting to tap into an online marketplace or want to know how to set up an Amazon store? All you need to do is register yourself on Amazon today.
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