How to Jumpstart Business on Amazon

How to Jumpstart Business on Amazon
A famous writer once said, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

And the secret to getting started is starting the right way.

When it comes to business, the first step is the most crucial one. While offline selling and online selling may seem similar, starting an online business is far easier than an offline business due to its ease of operations. Particularly, at a marketplace like Amazon, kickstarting a new business becomes super easy as we bring multiple products and tools to help you at each step. Here are some services and tools to jumpstart your business on Amazon.

1. Learn A-Z of selling on Amazon Seller University

Before anything else, you need to understand the marketplace you are about to enter. For this, Amazon brings you its own Seller University. The Seller University helps you understand the entire selling processes, services, tools, products, and policies with the help of videos, study materials, online webinars, and in-city classroom training. You can learn about Amazon selling in 150+ languages, get enrolled in-classroom training in regional languages, get online training on new topics every week by experts, and get recorded sessions to re-learn anytime, anywhere.

2. 60 Days Support for Amazon Account Management

Amazon helps its new sellers in every possible way. Amazon is launching up to 60 days of account management service for all newly launched sellers. Joining this program, you get:

● 60 days of Account Management
● 7 Learning Modules
● Dedicated Account Manager

For any of your queries, you can send an email to your account manager and you’ll receive one-on-one support through a call shortly after. This program will help you with everyday operations, managing your account, chances of increasing traffic to your products, and a potential increase in sales.

3. Register on Fulfilment program and become an Amazon Prime Seller

Here’s a secret tip: Customers love it when their orders are delivered fast and hence they search for products that have the Amazon Prime Badge. You stand a chance to sell up to 3X higher than the other products with Prime products! You can get a Prime Badge on your products by registering on FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). Just send your products to Amazon’s Fulfillment Center & Amazon will take care of customer orders, packaging, deliveries, returned orders, and customer services. These services not only let you focus on growth but also improves customer experience.
Steps to register for FBA
Product with Prime Badge

4. Increase your discoverability with Amazon Sponsored Products

Customers will not know about products unless they hear about it or watch ads. They intend to buy products that show up on top of the search results, which as a result, stand a chance to have higher sales. Advertising products on Amazon place them in highly visible placements on the Amazon marketplace and bring customers’ attention to your products. Sponsored ads can help you boost visibility, reach more shoppers, and potentially increase sales. What more – you can start bidding from Re.1, pay only when a customer clicks & to top it up, Amazon offers 1000 free credits to each new seller to launch their ads.

5. Enhance customer experience with your Product Catalog

The first impression is the last impression. This holds true in businesses, where your product’s appearance influences buying decisions. A good product catalog is the right way to attract customers & traffic to your product’s page. The catalog provides a set of tools for prioritization, management, and enhancement of item data. It is important to have detailed product information, taglines, images, and videos. Providing maximum details to the customer builds your product’s credibility. So make sure you have an eye-catching product catalog from the start.
Enhance customer experience with your Product Catalog

6. Manage Customer Reviews & Feedback

Engaging with customers through their feedback and reviews is a great way of understanding their perspective. Make sure to answer all the customer queries pouring in through the emails. These customers are close to making a purchase. Responding to their questions will help them make that decision.

In case your product receives negative feedback, Amazon recommends to approach the buyer personally and find out the issue. Once the issue is identified and resolved you can ask the buyer to remove or update the feedback. This will improve your account performance and also build trust within your customer.

7. Set Promotions on your products and delight customers

Taking advantage of discounts and deals is one of the best ways to potentially boost your sales. Seasonal sales and frequent sale weeks on Amazon will give you a chance to offer different attractive deals to tempt customers to buy your product. Discounted prices increase the chances of bringing in a high volume of sales and also help in attracting customers.

Customers tend to buy more when there are special promotions. You can set up limited time promotions on your products via coupons & lightning deals. Or you can automate merchandising to show your coupons in search results, product pages, offer listing pages, and even in carts and delight customers.
Set Promotions on your products and delight customers

8. Manage Returns

Reduce your returned goods and orders through the VOC or Voice of Customer. It helps in understanding customer feedback. The tool is aimed at managing seller controllable returns which refers to orders that were returned due to certain product-related issues. You can reduce these returns by reviewing customer comments and identifying product issues.

VOC shows how your product is performing in terms of customer returns in comparison to similar products and provides recommendations on decreasing returns and increasing customer experience. Amazon recommends the sellers to specially review products with ‘Poor’ and ‘Very Poor’ status and resolve the issues to improve your performance status.

9. Price your products effectively to win customer orders

Understanding the market for your product is the first step to setting its price. Studying the market value of your product and taking a little peek into other sellers’ pricing strategy will help in deciding your product’s price. You can also check Amazon for an instant fee calculator for shipping, referral, GST, etc. to know how much money you finally get in hand from selling your product on Amazon.

Automate pricing tool is just what you need to ensure your product pricing is agile with respect to competition & customer needs and helps in improving your chances of winning the Buy-Box. Set a predefined rule for competitive pricing and featured offers. The tool automates product prices for you so you can focus on important aspects of your business.
Price your products effectively to win customer orders

3. Refund for Canceled Orders

Everything should go hand in hand in business. Though it may sound challenging, it is quite easier with Amazon. Amazon Seller App provides many features to make your job easy and keeps you connected with your business. Through the Amazon Seller App you can analyze your sales, get in touch with your customers, manage your orders, inventory, FBA shipments, and much more. One app for all.

Starting your Amazon business is not as difficult as it might look from the outside. Following these simple steps will definitely answer your question of how to start a business on Amazon. All you need to do is be consistent in offering quality products and follow Amazon guidelines to gradually grow your business to new heights of success.
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