5 effective tricks on how to increase sales in retail clothing

by Kamini on 19/01/2018
The retail clothing market is a multi-billion dollar industry that is expected to grow at a rapid pace. To keep up with this projected growth, it is important to strategically boost your business so that it meets the market demands. If you’ve found your business going through a bit of a slump recently, here are some tips on how to increase sales in retail clothing:
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1. Advertise:

If you are a smaller retailer, a niche or boutique business, you’re up against a larger retailers. Automatically, you are faced with the challenge of generating more traffic your way. At this point, it becomes necessary to increase marketing efforts to drive traffic towards your business. Advertising through social media, newspapers, hoardings, etc. could help garner more visibility. Amazon Sponsored Products is one such medium which could aide visibility for your products and help in engaging interested customers through target marketing, and boost sales.

2. Connect with your customer

Knowing your customers needs is crucial to boosting sales and increasing profits. Inform and engage your customers about your products so that they are well informed about what your business does. Also ensure that they know their purchase is appreciated by providing reward point per purchase, etc. Provide value-added services to your customers and generate a loyalty program. This will help create a database of information for each customer for target marketing. Rather than selling a product, engage with the customer and create a shopping experience that ensures repeat buys. With the Voice of Customer dashboard, Amazon sellers can do this every day.

3. Online presence

Reputation management is critical to the future of your business. Establishing and maintaining a presence on various social media platforms can act as a powerful advertising tool. Finding a channel through which to talk about the benefits of your services and products is necessary to strengthen the brand image that customers rely on during their decision making processes.

4. Event Marketing

A great way to increase sales and introduce your business to new clients is to create an experience that is in alignment with your brand. Creating an event is an effective way of making your brand come alive and allowing customers to experience it in a new and different way. The more innovative the event, the better the brand awareness and the more likely your customer is going to remember the experience. A memorable experience will drive them to reach out on social media, leave positive reviews, and come back for more.

5. Pricing Strategy

Pricing your products is an art. It needs to be competitive but still profitable. Take a look at how competitors are pricing their products, have a clear understanding of the market for your products, and examine the channels of distribution. There are several pricing strategies, including marking up prices or discounting products which should be explored to get the best out of your business. Before settling on a strategy for your pricing, there are two key factors to consider; the operating expense and the cost of goods. Without factoring these into your price, your business will sell products below cost and lose revenue. Amazon Sellers can price competitively using automate pricing

With these tips you are all set to take your business forward and bring your entrepreneurial dreams to life. Register to sell online on Amazon and let its team of experts guide you through your selling journey.
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