How to increase discoverability of your products on Amazon?

Launching your new online store is a big step. Yet, even with top quality products your sales can fall flat. The reason? We think it is because your buyer cannot find your product. – after all, the less visibility your item has, the fewer sales it is likely to attract.

Top independent online vendors do face a drop in sales from time to time. It is the same for smaller businesses as well. If you are a small-scale seller and are seeing a decline in sales, there are ways to bring buyers to your product. Read on to see how you can increase the discoverability of your products.
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Buying online vs buying offline

One question that all sellers face is how to get their products noticed by their target customers. This holds true for a person selling online and offline. A shopper goes through certain stages when shopping for something they need.


In the offline world, a customer will walk into a store usually only after seeing advertisements on their smartphones, TV, radio, hoardings. They ask the storekeeper to show a product to check prices, expiry date and authenticity of the product. A customer can enquire about discounts/ promotions before finally checking out the item.


Things are slightly different online – where online searches change or determine the journey a shopper makes. For instance, they discover product alternatives and then choose the one that is right for them. Then they make a purchase, acquire their goods and share their user experience.
They use a search box to find items and are presented with product images. They go through product descriptions, reviews, coupons/ any time-bound offer. Lastly, they add to cart and make payments. This in turn, builds loyalty to the seller’s store and to the online marketplace they made that purchase from.

How to increase discoverability of your products?

Both online and offline retailers have to define target customers. For example, if you sell sports shoes, then your target buyers are people in the 18-40 year age group. Such numbers will change depending on the item you sell. If you have a luxury wrinkle cream, then your buyers are women in the 25-50 year age group.

In offline shopping, the buyer can touch and feel a product and is more confident about that item. An online product catalogue can be used in the same way online. You don’t have to worry about this though. We have some interesting and easy ways for you to make your item more searchable and boost sales.

1) Sponsored Products

Amazon Sponsored Ads is one tool open to registered sellers. You can run targeted keyword ads on your products. These ads are visible to your customers and increase your chance of getting good search results for items.

It is a useful service that can help with revenue building. Here, bidding begins at Re.1. and we offer 2000 free ad credits to new sellers. Kindly note that ad fees will be deducted from your sales proceeds once free credits are over and when a customer clicks on your ad.

How it works ?
Step 1 – Select your product category and enter in keywords related to your item. For example, if you have sports shoes, choose words like ‘sneakers’, ‘shoes’, ‘footwear for men/women’ etc.
Step 2 – The ads will now appear on the product listing. Look for the tag ‘Sponsored Products’ on top of the product listing image. (Your ad is shown only after submitting competitive bid.)
Step 3 – Shoppers interested in buying your item will click on it. They are taken to the page where your offer detail is listed.
Step 4 – You only have to pay when your ad is clicked on. These are pay-per-click fees that are invoiced to you separately and includes applicable Amazon Selling fees.

What you do ?
If you have launched your own business on, log into your Seller Central dashboard to begin making your ads.

• Click on the ‘Advertising’ tab on this panel and choose ‘campaign manager’ from the drop-down menu.
• Select ‘Sponsored Products’ on the Choose your campaign type page.
• You select the item to run the ads on and assign keywords for those items.
• Decide on the bid amount suited for the cost per click setting. Choose from fixed bids, dynamic bids (down only) and dynamic bids (up and down).

2) Product Catalogue

The other amazing service we have for you is a unique product listing catalogue. You can follow this guide to see how you can show your products on

Title – This is what the customer will see first and get a clear idea of what you are selling. Enter in details correctly, so that you can tell them what the item is. Alter these areas of the title.
• Keep the first letter of each word in capitals.
• Use numerals instead of text (75 gms, 100ml, 0.5 ml etc.).
• Mention value for bundled products (pack of three, buy one-get one).
• Only less than 200 characters in the title.

Keywords – Buyers use words to look for items on search engines and Amazon. So, if you are selling a multi-shelf used organiser, you can add a key word like ‘kitchen organiser’ or ‘space saver’.
• Identify the breadcrumb trail assign the correct browse mode ID.
• For search engines, enter in terms related to your item on the browser search bar.

Description – This gives specific information on the product like benefits, specifications, features. It is essential as the buyer can’t touch and feel the items. In a nutshell, these are a few things to remember.
• Key features of item can be placed in bullet points.
• Fill in other product information like technical details (batteries included, colour, brand name etc)
• Fill in the additional information like customer reviews, best sellers rank, date available.

Images – Good high-resolution images show off your item beautifully and customers can see the colour, embroidery, texture properly. They can zoom on for more details. Use these tips to give them a better view!
• Images should be in either TIFF format or JPG format.
• Resolution should be a minimum of 500 pixels on the longest side.
• Keep images free of coloured backgrounds.
• Remove all watermarks and text.

Videos – These are good to have for technical products that show how the item can be used. Videos can be added with products like lawn mowers, epilators, medical or healthcare items.

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