How to give your products more visibility

by Ayesha Siddiqa on 09/11/2017
Tips to gain visibility on your products
Selling online is proving to be a boon to many small-time sellers, who may not get similar sales with their offline business. Online selling helps them reach out to millions of customers from the comfort of their cities. While, it is a great platform to showcase your products, it is important for them to be visible to the right customers. Mentioned below are some tips to give your products more visibility while selling online:

Conduct keywords analysis:

Search engines and browse pages happen to be the major drivers for most sales. A majority of the customers type the name of the product they want into search engines and that fetches them the available results, through which they can buy. Optimise your content for search engines to track and display your products. This can be done by including SEO content on your product detail pages, titles and images. This not only makes your product page more comprehensive but may also help in improving traffic to your listings.

Click good product images:

Product images are the customer’s window to evaluate the products and then make a buying decision. Good product images serve as an efficient sales person in an online store and can help drive sales. When the picture quality is good, and covers multiple angles of the product, it is as good as giving a product demo to a customer. You could also include product videos to showcase the items better. This will make your brand more recognisable amongst the customers, as this kind of transparency helps you gain their trust.

Create great offers:

Nothing attracts a customer like getting a great deal on the products at display. Create offers that would be a good value proposition to them. This will help your brand and products get noticed. Additionally, creating combo offers may also help you push slow moving products on an online selling platform, towards customers who may actually need them.

Pay attention to Quality:

When there are hundreds of customers selling similar products, distinguishing yourself from the crowd may not seem easy. However, customers are very intelligent and can easily distinguish a great quality product from a mediocre or bad one. So, ensure that you provide the best quality products to your customers to get noticed and build brand recognition.

Conduct social-media campaigns:

Social media campaigns are fast gaining popularity as one of the best marketing strategies. This is made possible because of the wide range of audience these platforms attract, making it easier to reach out to a large group of people at once. The shareability aspect of social media makes for easy marketing and may help in creating visibility for your products. Also, conduct giveaway competitions and surveys, post different content pieces to drive sales.

Unforgettable customer service:

Customers are becoming increasingly aware before making buying decisions and they make it a point to read reviews and feedback before clicking the ‘buy’ button. In this digital era where every incident can be recorded, create memorable shopping experience for your customers. Make sure you support the customers right from when they buy the products to service after the product is in delivered and being used. Good reviews will help you gain more customer base, in turn improving your business.

Selling online can be an extremely profitable business, provided you know the tricks of the trade. With these tips, you may be able to run a successful online venture. Not an online seller yet? Why not start by selling on Amazon? Just register here to sell on Amazon, and start listing your products to gain access to crores of online customers.
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