How to do product photography for Amazon

Guide to showcase your products the best possible way

by Ayesha Siddiqa and Praveen Karthick on 01/06/2017
illustration of product photography
Online shopping is all about convenience, but one experience the customers do not have is the ability to touch and feel the product before buying it. Therefore, they heavily rely on the product images to make a buying decision. This means that the product images directly affect the online buying behaviour of the customers. Simply put, it is very important for you, as online sellers, to showcase your products in the best way possible via high-quality images.

The product images should be crisp and convey details about the product like colour, dimension and material. Good product images not only drive sale but also help you build your brand image and over a period of time, customer loyalty. Listed below are some of the guidelines on how to do product imaging (photography) at Amazon.

High-resolution images

Make sure your products are shot on a professional camera with a high-resolution lens. The images should be of good quality and not be blurry. They should convey details of the product upon viewing. The lighting while shooting your product must not be too bright or too dull. Good product images enable the customers to make an informed buying decision and earn their trust in your brand.Image angle

Image angle

The first image that is displayed on the search and product page is called a ‘main image’. Always ensure that the main image contains the front view of the product. The back view of the product as the main image is not suitable. The rest of the images should cover all the other angles of the product possible, so as to display exactly what the customers are buying.

White background

Provide a white background for all your products while uploading the images. The white background helps in emphasising the product features. If your products are white in colour, you can slightly tweak the tone of the white background to distinguish between the two.

Product size

The product size in the image should neither be too large or too small. If the product size is too small, there will be a lot of white space around it in the image and some of the details may get missed out. If the product size is too large, some of the features may go out of focus. Both these issues will lead to a bad customer experience and in turn may affect your product rating. Hence, it is a good practice to bear in mind the aspect ratios of the images.

No additional items in the image

Always maintain transparency with the customer. Photographing additional products may confuse the buyer and they might be disappointed when they do not get the accessories after buying the product. You should only show the customers what they will be receiving in the shipment if they choose to buy the product. This helps avoid any misinterpretation on the customer’s end.

Avoid immodest content

Amazon is a marketplace that helps you sell to a wide range of customers. The sensibilities of all buyers must be taken into consideration before uploading product images. Focus on the product and not the models or mannequins while shooting intimate apparel. Any other indecent image should be avoided.

Product images have the power to impact a customer’s buying decision, as good images sell better. Hence, it is important for your product images to meet industry standards to help drive your sales. So, if you want paid assistance with imaging requirements, you can drop in a request to our Service Provided Network (SPN). These are third-party vendors who are well-versed in shooting images for If you haven’t yet registered to sell on Amazon, then the first step would be to become a seller and then request imaging help from SPN.
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