How to create a good product catalog

Here are some of the effective ways of showcasing your products

by Ayesha Siddiqa on 06/09/2017
create good catalog when seling online
Product catalog acts as a tool in helping you get sales. It is an effective way of showcasing your products well and acquiring a good customer base. This is why, your catalog must be presented in a visually appealing way. A catalogue is a combination of various things like description and good images. Read on to know how to create a good product catalogue.

Simple page title

The page title should be simple, yet meaningful. By giving a lot of or too little information, you may lose a customer who may either become disinterested or not understand completely. A page title should consist of the product name, variations like colour or size, and quantity if available. These details add more meaning to the product title and will be helpful in getting the customer interested in your product.

Informative product descriptions

Product descriptions are a great way of calling out the features of the products on display. Unlike the title, you can make these as descriptive as possible. Include specific information like dimensions, units, material, care instructions, warranty information and anything else that can help customers understand the product better. Read how to write catchy product descriptions.

Sharp product images

Online customers do not have the liberty of touching and feeling the product before buying it. Images are the only way they can see the product. Therefore it is important to have high quality and sharp images. Shoot the products at different angles to show their complete view. Make sure they are always in focus, so minute details are not missed out and avoid distracting props which are not relevant to the product. Read the blog how to do product photography for more tips.

Answer FAQs

A catalog must also include frequently answered questions about the product. These should ideally be the points that could not be covered in the product descriptions. By answering customer questions on the product page itself, you may get better sales conversion, as they don’t have to leave the site to understand the product better.

Functional design

Once the customer lands on your product page, they should not only be able to see all relevant information chronologically, but also make a purchase by adding the product to the cart. Which is why you should keep the site design as functional and user-friendly as possible, so as to not burden the customer with too much navigation to do.

Creating a catalog is an expensive process. Most online catalog creation softwares charge huge amounts for the service. Even if you design your own catalog, creating webpages or printing can cost you a lot. With Amazon, you do not have to bear the extra expense of creating good catalogs. The site is designed in a way to be extremely user-friendly, and the product catalogs are pre-designed. So all you have to do is list your products on Amazon and start selling online today.
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