How to become an online seller in India

by Laboni on 21/08/2018
E-commerce has taken the Indian market by storm, thanks to the host of business opportunities it offers. The apprehensions about running a business from home have given away, courtesy successful digital entrepreneurs. As more and more working professionals leave their nine to five jobs to learn how to become an Amazon seller online.

Here is a nifty stepwise guide to becoming a successful e-commerce entrepreneur:

Find a product you would love to sell. We cannot begin to stress how important it is to find your true calling when choosing a product. Choose a business that you are passionate about doing. If you are a home baker, consider starting an online food business, if you are an artist, consider selling art. Be rest assured, Amazon’s miscellaneous platform will have enough shelf-space for whatever you choose to sell.

Decide on a platform to sell. You can have your standalone website, you partner with a well-established website, or you can choose an online marketplace. The options are many, but if you’re looking at a low-cost, low-maintenance yet credible platform to sell, and online marketplaces are your best bet. Of course, we have mentioned the marketplace of Amazon in the preceding point because Amazon makes online selling a smooth sail.

Keep key legal documents handy. As is the case of every other business, you need to keep your GST number, Pan Card, bank details, and other legal documents handy. Read on to find out the key legal documents you need to start a business.

List and catalogue your products. When shopping for products, nothing attracts a customer more than a picturesque catalogue. List your products in four easy ways on Amazon or take help of our professionals on Amazon’s Service Provider Network to get the best possible listing and cataloguing for your products.

Choose your shipping method. How fast your products reach your customer determines how much faith they have in your brand. On Amazon, you can forego the trouble of onboarding a vendor and consider Fulfillment by Amazon for your shipping concerns. Avail the service of trusted delivery partners, reach your customers faster and watch your profits multiply with FBA.

Link your bank account for payments. All this effort makes little to no difference if you are not paid on time. Linking your bank account is the first step towards that direction. Amazon ensures you get timely payments without getting charged hidden fees.

Start selling. Now that you have a handbook on how to become an online seller in India, visit the Amazon Services website. Register in a few clicks and begin your online selling journey today. With Amazon as your guide, watch your e-commerce venture grow unhindered. Join our entourage of successful e-sellers and become a part of the life-changing journey.
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