How Can Sellers Increase Their Sales Using Amazon Services

In this article, we will tell you about various tools and services provided by Amazon through which you can increase the sales of your products.

India is seeing a rapid change in the way customers purchase their products. Earlier most customers opted for traditional marketing, but now more and more customers are preferring online shopping methods.

If you are planning to sell your product online, then one of the biggest challenges is to choose the right eCommerce platform to sell your products. There are lakhs of sellers selling a product similar to yours and hence, the chances of customers noticing and purchasing your products reduces.

However, if you are selling your products on Amazon then you will also be provided with various tools and services that will help you to make the right decisions to increase your sales online.

In this article, we will tell you about various tools and services provided by Amazon through which you can increase the sales of your products.

1. Advertisement of products:

Amazon provides you with the option of advertising your products at a very nominal cost.
Amazon provides you with the option of advertising your products at a very nominal cost. The ads for your product will appear in highly visible areas on the product details page of The products will also be recommended to those who are looking for similar products. This will help you gain brand and product visibility in the marketplace.

You can promote individual products through Sponsored Products, or highlight your brand through Sponsored Brand. You can also reach out to the right customers by using Sponsored Display. With the help of Sponsored Display, you can not only highlight your products on Amazon but also on other channels.

The best part about these advertisements is that you will have to pay for these advertisements only when a customer clicks on your ad.

FinecraftIndia, a seller at Amazon, said that their sales increased by 40% after opting for sponsored products. They said, "Sponsored Products have benefited me a lot in different categories I sell on I have achieved a 40% increment in sales volume with very low advertising spend."

2. Seller dashboard

At Amazon, you can always increase customers by observing their behaviour and making data-based decisions to drive more sales online. You can use 'Seller Central Dashboard' that will help you to understand how your customers are responding to your products. Once you become an Amazon seller, you can always use this tool to view your customers' feedback, and access data such as ‘account health’ that gives you actionable insights on how you can improve your business and account. The dashboard also helps to increase your profitability by reducing returns and poor ratings from your customers.

3. Prime membership

If you are a prime seller then your product also earns a prime badge, providing you a huge chance to sell your products sooner. Having a prime badge can increase your sales by 3 times.

Once you become an Amazon seller, you can become a prime seller by signing up for Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA). Apart from earning you a prime badge, FBA will allow you to keep your products at Amazon's warehouse and will also prevent you from the hassle of packing and shipping your products. You will also be provided with a dedicated customer service team that will resolve the queries of your customers on your behalf if you are a prime seller.

4. Coupons and discounts

At Amazon, you can provide your customers with coupons and discounts to promote your products and increase the chances of sales.

One such discount is the Lightning Deal. Once you have listed your products for Lightning deals on, your customers will be provided with an exciting incentive to encourage buying from you. The cost of the product will be reduced for a limited period, giving you an opportunity to get new customers. The promotional offer is only for a few hours and is featured on’s Today’s Deals page.

You can avail the Lightning Deals in two ways:
1. You can opt for pre-approved deals which are created specifically for your product category and product specifications after an internal evaluation of your inventories.
2. You can also suggest your own deal.

Since customers love products at low prices there is a high chance of your product being sold fast.

Important Note: However for you to opt for Lightning Deals you need to sign in for FBA.

5. Competitive Pricing

It is always important for you to understand how your customers make buying decisions. Most of the time a customer will choose a cheaper product if they are similar. Thus, finalising your product pricing becomes a crucial task to ensure the higher sales of your products.

It becomes difficult for you to always keep up with the trending price due to the constant price fluctuation of a product. Thus, Amazon provides you with Amazon Pricing Tool to keep the competitive pricing of your products and attract thousands of customers. This tool allows you to automatically adjust prices on SKUs in your catalogue without revisiting the SKU every time you want to change your price, helping you to keep the price of your products at par with your competitors.

Are you excited to increase the sales of your products with the use of various tools and services provided by Amazon? So are we! You can always sell your products after becoming an Amazon Seller.
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