4 ways how Amazon Sponsored Products increases chances of getting sales

Advertising in business is like walking in a dark trail with a torch in your hand. As long as the torch is lighting your path, you have the confidence that your business will be on track.

From informing about the new trending products to introducing them with different ways of promotions, Amazon is helping all the sellers to expand their business post the lockdown in every possible way. To help sellers promote their products, Amazon offers various advertising means. One such path is Amazon Sponsored Products. It’s a Cost-Per-Click (CPC) model of advertising that promotes your products on the highly visible spots on the Amazon marketplace. You need to select your products to be advertised, the keywords to target the traffic and run the ad. It may all sound technical but it’s not tough. You can learn all about it at Seller University. The process is simple:
Getting started with Amazon Sponsored Products
A smart way to approach customers, right?

But you must be thinking “Why should I invest in advertisements when my business is running at a slower pace after the lockdown? Shouldn’t I be saving more?” Well, yes. While that is true, Sponsored Products can help you improve your business in quite a few ways. A small investment in ads can have a multifold effect on your business. Here are 5 benefits of advertising through Amazon Sponsored Products.

1. Get more reach

Early bird catches the worm.

That’s what this is about. In a business, it’s important that you stay ahead of your competition. Since the lockdown, people are buying more from e-commerce marketplaces. This means that people are looking to buy online, more than before. So why not reach out to them proactively? Approaching the customers before other sellers and providing them with what they are looking for increases your chances of sales significantly.

2. Get more visibility

The more people see your products, the more clicks you get, the more the chances of sales.

Amazon places the sponsored ads in multiple positions on the search results, top of the page, middle of the page, and bottom of the page with the searched items. It’s shown on other product pages as well. Your product’s ad will be visible frequently so that the customers do not miss out.

Sponsored products help you get buyers, not viewers. The customers come and explore Amazon to search for a product. When they see relevant sponsored ads right away, it saves their time, as the product information appears alongside their targeted search. They can instantly click on the link anytime and make a purchase. A smart strategy to approach potential buyers.
Get more visibility

3. Control your ad cost

The good thing about this tool is that you can control the Amazon advertising cost. Your ad budget is in your hands. You choose how much you want to spend on a click and can bid as low as Re. 1 on a keyword to get started. Amazon sponsored ads have a couple of unique features. As mentioned, you don’t need to pay for every impression or view that your product gets. You only pay when a user clicks on your ad.

Amazon gives you options for manual or automatic campaigns. To start with, you can run an automatic campaign, where Amazon creates the ad campaign and runs it for you. It can help you identify the right keywords for your manual campaigns. This helps in optimizing your campaigns for better results at lower costs.

You can also opt for Amazon’s recently launched dynamic bidding where it automatically changes the bidding in your business’s favor. It lowers your bid for the clicks that may be less likely to convert to a sale or raises it for the ones that have more chances of conversion. This system increases the odds of clicks for your ad, hence, increasing the chances of sales.

4. Analyze your campaign

With sponsored ads, you can track your campaign’s outreach. You can monitor the clicks, click-through-rate, your new customers, traffic coming to the product page, advertising spend, and more. Observing these parameters, you can understand how your ad is running and modify to get the most out of it. If your campaign is underperforming, you can play with the keywords, bidding price, and see how the outcome changes. Analyzing and updating your campaign’s progress helps in improving it for the better.
Analyze your campaign
Listing your products for Amazon sponsored product advertisements can help you get more customers, more visibility on Amazon, and chances of higher sales at minimum Amazon advertising cost. It is a good idea to invest in this advertisement campaign after the lockdown to potentially boost your sales by attracting more traffic to your product pages. People are concentrating more on online buying, and you should start selling online at Amazon.in too if you haven’t already.
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