10 Business Ideas With Minimum Investment

Here are a handfull of exciting business opportunities with low investment that you can explore

Yes, you heard that right! For those looking to be their own bosses, but working with a budget, there are several minimum investment business ideas that can be started. These can be hobbies, skills or passion projects that eventually evolve into economical ventures – made easier because of less reliance on external resources.

This line of thought can also provide viable business ideas for students without investment or capital, who are looking to develop a company from the ground-up. In a digital world, this becomes easier as there are more avenues for advertising and selling your own products or services. And with Amazon by your side, the possibilities are limitless.

Minimum investment businesses might not seem pleasant or catchy at first, but they do provide safety and keep your bank account intact. Most importantly there will be learning experiences along the way. You may also need to invest some capital later to grow your business after getting a start. But these experiences are the ones that will help you build towards greater heights. Any challenges faced during the beginning are only steppingstones to the overall experience that awaits: one that will prove to be a positive venture in the long run.

So, without further ado, here’s our list of 10 Business Ideas with minimum Investment that you can give a read.

Apparel Business

If designing dresses is your passion, you can always consider it as a business venture. Taking a short-term course in Fashion Designing would help with your business. Studying the fashion world while tracking evolving trends, cultural dynamics and innovations in the local and global fashion industry are important factors to keep in mind as well.

With minimum investment required to start, creating an online fashion boutique can be a great way to curate, advertise and sell your products. In this manner you can have a public catalogue and store front that is available for public viewing that can lead to sales. And who knows, other designers might also find themselves interested in selling their designs through your platform as well. The options are quite limitless.

Many young entrepreneurs like Aditri grew from humble beginnings to craft innovative minimum investment business ventures within the Indian ethnic fashion sector.

Art Pieces

For passionate painters, the perfect business opportunity awaits. By focusing on paintings of varying styles, subjects and canvases - you can build up a catalogue of artwork even before you start selling. This diverse online catalogue can help buyers to get to know your work, while at the same time you can offer to do custom commissions as well. In fact, here’s something we have on Amazon’s very own budding individual artists and curators alike.

High-quality paintings are coveted by corporates, designers, and art-lovers wanting to beautify their spaces. Budding artists painters can scale up by collaborating with other artists when their business expands. Talent like Anjita achieved levels of success just by selling her masterpieces online!

Condiments and Pickled Foods

For culinary artists who love experimenting with a plethora of tastes and flavours, the opportunity to build businesses by making sauces, ketchup, pickled foods and other seasonings can be a tempting choice. Homemade condiments and pickled foods are preferred by anyone who loves savouring diverse and personalized flavours from different parts of the country.

A large online market for these food types exist for you to sell your products, especially on Amazon. For this business, simply buying some extra raw materials along with your daily groceries should suffice.


As a wide and diverse work area, handicrafts require a more personalized touch. If you’re creative enough and familiar with making handcrafted decorative items, you can easily turn it into a business with low expenses. The biggest investment, however, will be your patience and skillset.

Once business picks up, you can hire a few more craftsmen to meet your scaling needs. Take the case of Sachin’s traditional handcrafting skills and how he leveraged them on a global scale with Amazon, not only for his business – but for over 200 artisans and their families in Agra. In this case, Amazon Karigar can provide a unique platform specifically tailored for the sale and promotion of authentic crafts by Indian artisans.

Used Books

When hunting for books, especially online, comparing prices is a mainstay to get the best deals. In this market, second-hand books and sellers who specialize in stocking them (in relatively good quality) have become very popular.

If you’re someone who’s good at sourcing rare or used books and want to resell them on marketplaces like Amazon, the market for textbooks and various other kinds of books is quite viable.

And with a little research, you can expand into bigger ventures with little to no major investment. Retailing on Amazon has proven to be a good deal as shown here.


A simple, yet exceedingly profitable business option – all resale requires is to acquire products that you will sell to other people. With methods like dropshipping allowing you to ship products directly from the manufacturer, you’ll require very little to no start-up investment.

You also won’t have to worry about stocking or handling the items you’re selling either. If an expansion into wholesale is on the cards, more money and space will be needed up front. But the pay-off will come in the form of financial bonuses and control of your resources. Drop shipping is helping resale entrepreneurs make significant profit in a short period of time.

Delivery Services

Amazon Flex has managed to provide a platform for prospective drivers that can make quick deliveries in their free time and earn a decent pay, with little investment on their end. With flexible hours and the ability to build your own schedule, operating as part of a delivery service is a good strategy for a business without any investment.

All you need is for you or your partners to be of a legal driving age, have a valid driving license, own a legal car and have a smart phone. You could tie-up with online marketplaces to help with home deliveries, work with taxi services like Uber or Ola to help shuttle people, or better yet, use your own business to provide yourself and other drivers all of the above! The choice is yours to make and the profits are yours to earn.


Content writing is a highly sought-after skill across multiple sectors of industry. If you’re someone who has the gift of writing, why not give it a shot and take up blogging as your business of choice? With the sheer demand for written articles and blogs, bloggers can easily establish an online business on their own or by setting up a team dedicated to this.

By tying up with either private advertisers, clients or affiliate marketers looking for your services, writers can monetize their skills to create content on a variety of topics. Amazon’s Affiliate Program is always looking for good writers to create blog content for their site, so that is an option that can always be taken advantage of.

Online Classes

If you’re very knowledgeable in a certain field and are fond of teaching, you can consider taking up an online education business. To start off you can create short 10 to 20-minute videos on topics of your choosing, upload them on popular social platforms and then link back to your site in the video descriptions.

From your site, you can offer package lessons on a variety of topics that you specialize in, thus earning a decent profit with only a few hours of work every day. In a time when people are keen on upskilling and picking up new sources of info from a digital platform, providing online courses has proven to be a great success.


If you’ve ever enjoyed aeromodelling, your passion can now become a unique zero investment business opportunity. Miniature, motorized models of various aircraft can be crafted and sold for enthusiasts, utilizing a variety of exciting features. Flying has always had an aura of adventure and freedom associated with it.

So, it is no surprise that there is a big market for youngsters and the not-so-young ones who will love your creations. You will have to invest a bit on materials as you go along, and you may require skilled people when demand picks up. Pricing varies from a few thousand rupees for simple remote-controlled planes, to a few lakhs for more complex state-of-the-art models.

To start off, simply create a catalogue of your chosen models and have them ready for sale at online marketplaces like Amazon. And who knows? Maybe you’ll become the next big thing in aeromodelling.
Always remember, starting a business is one thing but being able to sell your product is another. You’ll need all the marketing support you can get to make your business successful. The best part is that rather than depending solely upon physical stores and word-of-mouth sales, where it is difficult to scale up quickly, you can sell your products or services online which will help you gain volume.

If you plan to sell online, you can catalogue your products and services on Amazon, which grants you access to millions of buyers across the world. To sell on Amazon, register as a Seller now.
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