Effective ways to boost business during sale events

Sale periods are special occasions for both online shoppers and sellers. For sellers, it’s a chance to boost sales and on board more customers by offering great deals. Read the blog to learn some best-selling practices during sale events.
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What’s the most exciting thing about online shopping for your customers?
It’s availing exciting offers on any sale events!

People look forward to such sale periods and prepare their shopping list way ahead to get maximum benefits from it.

This means as a seller, you get an incredible opportunity to grow your business by generating more sales in the period. There are several steps that you can take to ensure you make the most of any sale event. Let’s have a quick look at them.

1. Stock up inventory

When you’re participating in a sale event, the most important thing to attend to is your inventory. Imagine your business is doing great during the sale and then you suddenly run out of stocks. That’s a situation you don’t want to be in, right? Not only does it result in missed sales opportunities but it also decreases customer satisfaction and loyalty, impacting your overall business.

Therefore, first things first, stock up enough inventory to survive the sale period. How?
- You can implement an inventory management system to automate the process
- Develop strong relations with suppliers to ensure stock order delivery on time
- Keep sufficient budget aside so you’re not short of funds when it’s time to order products

2. Offer attractive deals

A sale means offers, discounts, coupons, and deals for people. Hence, the better deals you offer, the more are your chances of making it a successful sale. Offers and discounts work both ways - one, it increases the chances of sale among your existing customers, and two, it attracts new customers to try your products.

You can offer various kinds of deals like coupons, price discounts, Buy 1 Get 1, and more. If you are an Amazon seller, you can make use of the Lightning Deals to buyers. These are daily limited period offers and thus, are a great way to grab attention and increase your chances of sales.

3. Make your product more discoverable

Sale periods are a great opportunity for you to give a boost to your business. So, why wait for people to come and find your product? How about you reach out to them to showcase your products and offers?

- Increase your product’s visibility by sharing about it on social media and other platforms and promote your exciting offers.
- On Amazon.in, you can advertise your products through Sponsored Products ad which brings your product to the top search lists and other relevant pages to catch people’s attention.
- Along with this, Amazon also highlights its sellers and products on sellersofamazon.
- You can also increase your product visibility by choosing the right keywords for your product name. Add words that people usually search for while looking for your product category.

4. Set competitive pricing

Product price is the key deciding factor for people while shopping. You need to be strategic with your pricing. If it’s too high, people will opt for other sellers, and if it’s too low, they may think that the product quality is poor. Hence, setting a competitive yet profitable price becomes important for you. This means analyzing the competitors’ prices and then adjusting yours accordingly to stay ahead of them.

Amazon takes care of this for you with its Automate Pricing Tool. Once you activate it, the tool analyzes the market and competitor pricing and then automatically adjusts your product price. Maintaining a competitive price on Amazon.in also opens a chance to win the Buy Box for your product (the Buy Now and Add to Cart buttons on any product page) that significantly increases your chances of sales.

5. Get Prime membership

This one’s an Amazon-specific suggestion. If you’re an Amazon seller, you can register for Prime seller (if you haven’t already). Why? Prime customer base is increasing rapidly on Amazon.in and they usually prefer buying Prime products. So, being a Prime seller gives you an opportunity to reach out to lakhs of these Prime customers and expand your business.

Sale events are like festive events for sellers, and not celebrating them to the fullest would be a great miss for any seller. Following these simple and effective measures will help you step towards a successful sale event.

Amazon.in has several sale events like Prime Day sale, Amazon Great Indian Festival, Small Business Day, and many more. Join Amazon.in today to enjoy these special sale periods and become a successful online seller!
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