7 eco-friendly business ideas to start selling online

by Ayesha Siddiqa on 25/01/2018
Eco-friendly business ideas to sell online
The phenomenon of global warming is soon becoming a reality and a lot of people want to do their bit for the planet. With the public getting more knowledgeable about the bad effects of chemical-laden products, or products that cause harm to the environment, customers are opting for organic and eco-friendly products. This is a wonderful opportunity for sellers/potential business owners, as the demand for eco-friendly products has increased drastically over the past few years. Here are a few eco-friendly business ideas that could turn into profitable online selling ventures:

Sell plants and seeds online: One of the easiest ways to be environment-friendly is to plant plenty of plants and trees. The live plants industry is gaining online popularity thanks to the ease of transactions. More new sellers are opting to sell plants and seeds online in an endeavour towards creating a green eco-space while earning good money from the business. Additionally, this business does not really need enormous capital and inventory space – a simple plant nursery with provision to stock seeds will do. One of our sellers became a successful online businessman by selling seeds online. Read his story here.

Organic fertilizers: Everyone knows chemical fertilizers are bad not just for the human body, but also for the environment. It erodes the soil, kills good bacteria and reduces the nutrition of the crops. Organic fertilizers, made from natural manures, help in curbing these issues. They are easier to produce and do not require large factories that will again add to environmental pollution. This is a business that requires fairly low investment, but once it works, the benefits are numerous.

Toys: Due to lower immunity levels, children are more susceptible to the toxins found in plastic toys. This may be detrimental to their health and overall growth. Toys made of natural material like wood or recyclable material and organic colours help in the sensory and motor development of the children. There are many local toy artisans in India who can produce bulk toys. With a little bit of capital, you could create a business that could be profitable in the long run. Parents are well-educated these days and want to provide safe toys for their children – This it makes it is easier for you as a toy manufacturer to cater to this consumer base.

Clay pots and earthenware: Plastic/paper cups and plates are extremely harmful for the environment. In India, where a majority of the population drinks tea/coffee on a regular basis, the amount of the paper/plastic cup wastage has increased. Plastic pots to plant leaves had also become popular off late, but they are not good for the plants. Therefore, clay pots and earthenware is a good, environment-friendly option. They are recyclable, functional and look pretty. Even if these pots break, you can recycle and create a new one out of it. The raw material for this business is readily available and all you need is skilled labour and some basic inventory space.

Jute bags: Plastic bags are one of the main culprits of causing environmental/ pollution. The recent alternative to plastic bags was paper bags, but they tear easily. Jute bags are becoming popular thanks to their sturdy and reusable nature. They are highly sustainable and extremely easy to make. Jute bags with quirky prints are a hit with youngsters. Jute bag industry is a small-scale industry that requires low-capital but can also be scaled up according to the growth.

Bamboo baskets: Plastic storages are passé, welcome bamboo baskets back into your home. They are light weight but extremely strong and can hold anything from clothes to books. They also add an old-world, decorative charm to a home. This is another small scale industry that does not require a large capital and can be sustained by skilled labour instead of expensive machinery.

Organic cleaning products: Most cleaning products have harmful chemicals in them and we use them daily without realising the detrimental effects they can have on our health. Organic cleaning products are natural and safe alternative to chemical cleaning products. And they do the job just as well without the damaging effects. Some natural raw products mixed with harmless, chemical-free agents that can keep them sustained over a long period of time will suffice. Just invest in a good bottling unit to pack these.

There you are! Seven eco-friendly business ideas that you can start off on a shoe-string budget. What’s the next step after manufacturing these products? Simply list them on amazon and watch your products reach crores of customers. Register yourself here, and become an online eco-friendly seller, today!
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