Creative small business ideas in India tie-dye fabrics

by Souvik on 09/05/2018
Small business ideas in India tie-dye fabrics
Tie-dye is an age-old concept of making unique designs on fabric. What started as a resist-dyeing technique has now been modified to meet modern requirements. The basic steps involved are twisting, pleating, folding, crumpling, and binding of the fabric. If done correctly, this is one of the creative small businesses ideas that are sure to do well in the market.

What are the fabric types you need to focus on?

Linen, cotton, rayon, ramie, and hemp are some of the most suitable fabrics for tie-dye. Protein-based and synthetic fabrics are good for acid dyes. The choice of fabric has a lot to do with the intended output. It is best to concentrate on the ones that you are comfortable working with.

A profitable business model

Among all creative small business ideas, tie-dye can prove to be one of the more profitable ones. This technique allows you to create unique designs that are attractive as well as soothing. There is a ready market for unique products in almost all parts of the world. The huge number of available fabric colours makes it easy for you to create a wide range of offerings.

Build your credibility

All creative small business ideas require good user feedback to be able to capture a proper market share. Building the credibility of your brand starts with inviting customer feedback on your social media channels. Make sure to promote all the good customer testimonials extensively on your website and social media.

Choose keywords wisely

Keyword identification is a vital step of SEO and plays a critical role in determining your online visibility. Choose your keywords on the basis of relevancy, volume, and difficulty level. It is always a good idea to target long tail keywords for higher click-through and better conversion rates.

Use social media for marketing

Social media holds the key to this model of business. You will need to promote your offerings directly to your target audience with attractive creatives, ads, and campaigns. You may also want to invite more traffic by contests and discounted offers. Track the performance of your posts carefully to understand the exact requirement of your target list of online buyers. Higher user engagement will not only boost your incoming traffic but also add to the credibility of your brand.

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