How to create an Amazon Sponsored Products campaign in four simple steps?

A step-by-step guide to creating Sponsored Products Campaign on Amazon

by Sneha Nichani on 06/07/2016
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We have previously covered how Amazon Sponsored Products, an advertising solution used by thousands of sellers on could transform the way you sell. It provides sellers with a chance to feature their products on the first few search result pages directed at targeted buyers on both desktop and mobile. In this manner, it helps relevant shoppers/buyers discover a product amidst thousands of product options available on

In this post, we want to cover how to get started on Sponsored Products. There are four simple steps to get from registration to launching your sponsored products campaign as mentioned below:

Step 1: Register and get started

Log onto Seller Central with your username and password
Register for Sponsored Products by clicking here
Accept the terms and conditions, and click on JOIN NOW
You will be directed to the campaign creation page under campaign manager

Step 2: Create a campaign

Campaign name: Enter a unique campaign name, for example: Diwali 2016 Promotion
Daily budget: This is the average daily amount that you are ready to spend per day.
Start and end date: We suggest you enter a start date and leave the end date blank to allow the campaign to always be live. The benefit is that you do not have to create a new campaign again and can update your budget when required.
Targeting type: Select your targeting type by either automatic targeting or manual targeting. We recommend that you begin by selecting automatic targeting. Through automatic targeting, Amazon makes your ads available to all relevant customer searches based on your product information and you do not need to enter specific keywords. For manual targeting, you will have to manually add keywords yourself.

Step 3: Create an Ad group

Now, let us create an ad group that is a collection of your products/ASINS you want to advertise under one group.
Enter the ad group name, for example: Diwali Saree Ads
Enter bid: Now enter your Cost per click (CPC) bid, which is the maximum bid amount you are ready to pay when a customer clicks on your ad. It can be as low as Re.1, but we recommend that you begin with Rs.5 as a CPC bid for better ad performance.

Step 4: Select the products to advertise

Now select the products you want to advertise (from your listings) under this ad group. Click save and finish and its done.

Yes, it is that simple.

*Disclaimer: The below mentioned offer is not active currently. Please watch this space to keep yourself updated on more such offers.
For new sellers registering to use Sponsored Products on we are currently running a ''X+0.5X free credits'' offer. If a you make your first pre-payment of X Rupees, Amazon will provide you with 0. 5 X worth free credits.
The free credits value having a max cap of Rs.50, 000. For offer related queries and offer validity please get in touch with us on*Terms & Conditions Apply*.
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