Simplify Virtual Product Presentation with Catalogue Making App

by Sukanya on 30/11/2017
Virtual Product Presentation
In recent times, businesses are employing digital strategies to keep ahead of curve as the market gets more and more competitive every day. Embracing emerging technology to add value to your brand is fast becoming a best practice in the field of e-commerce. Every aspect of business is getting digitised, so why should product cataloguing be far behind? But, developing an appealing product catalogue requires advanced design skills and a strong understanding of brand guidelines and User Experience (UX). So how does one create a descriptive and aesthetically-pleasing display of products without breaking a bank? Enter catalogue making app.

The need for a catalogue making app

In the digital age, dated collaterals like paper catalogues are becoming obsolete. Considerable amount of effort, time, and money is required in printing and distributing pamphlets and brochures. Changes in product inventory, seasonal offers, etc. requires catalogues to be constantly updated.

While paper catalogues fail to offer comprehensive product information, a catalogue making app meets your expectations by building a streamlined and informative product catalogue for your business. In addition, catalogue making applications can be used without in-depth technical know-how and are hassle-free.

Why use a catalogue making app?

If you want to ensure optimal return on investment, it is necessary to eliminate unwanted costs from your business. Taking recourse to digital solutions like catalogue making apps increase visibility, boost sales, and improve customer experience. Considering all these factors, here are 6 reasons why your business needs a catalogue making app:

Customisation: Flexibility to choose from customised product categories and a variety of templates to develop unique data and occasion specific product catalogues.

Ease of use: No technical expertise is required to create product catalogues and database.

Time-saving: It takes very little time to develop catalogues and build a product database.

Security: Catalogue Machine system maintains backup of your database and uses secure connections (SSL and encryption) for data security.

Availability: Makes up-to-date catalogues available on all search engines, thereby boosting your product visibility.

Cost-effective: Reduces printing and publishing costs of creating and maintaining paper catalogues.

How does a catalogue making app work?

A catalogue making app helps developing stunning, user-friendly, and informative product catalogues for your customers. . There are a number of catalogue making apps available online.

Major features of a competitive catalogue making app are:

Product management: Comprehensive features to keep your product catalogue up-to-date with change in stock and offers.

Multi-language compatibility: Eliminates language barriers and facilitates customisation to simplify client communication.

Product visualisation: Provides the option to choose from different views, angles, and designs for better product presentation.

Offline access support: Allows file access without internet or Wi-Fi to smooth communication.

Customer engagement: Enables push notifications to inform consumers about ongoing discounts and offers.

Versatility: Supports iOS and Android apart from web versions.

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