Business improvement ideas to increase your sales

by Souvik on 01/02/2018
Increase your sales
With increasing internet penetration and expanding community of online shoppers, e-commerce is experiencing a steady growth. The process is an upward climb and is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. However, the profitability of ecommerce has attracted multiple players, making the market highly competitive and difficult to navigate for new sellers. Sellers need to focus on factors such as brand promotion and good conversion rate right from the onset of their business. Here are 10 business improvement ideas that you may want to give a try to boost your e-commerce sales:

High-quality product images: Product images have a huge role to play in determining the conversion rate. You will find selling difficult with low-quality product images that lack the zoom option. Crisp, definitive product images are an absolute necessity in boosting sales. Also, keep the best places on your website for your product images.

Videos related to your offerings: A recent study suggests, 64-85% users buy a product only after watching related videos*. Videos can be your one-stop solution for attracting customers, especially if you’re an entrant in the field. Try adding videos related to your offerings to improve your conversion rate.

Attractive colors: The color combination of your brand can have a lot of impact on your incoming traffic. If the users find it difficult to read your product descriptions and offer details, they are likely to leave your website without making a purchase. Have a soothing set of colors that add to the overall appeal of your website.

Sense of urgency: It is important to give your buyers a sense of urgency for immediate conversion. You can do this by offering limited period discounts, happy hours for shopping, and stock-driven discounts. New brands need to implement these strategies correctly for proper visibility and traffic.

User reviews: Nothing adds more credibility to your brand than user reviews. Good experiences of existing customers play a huge role in attracting new users. Give your business a more transparent and honest feel with a dedicated section for user reviews.

Trust seals: If your brand is certified by global companies, never forget to showcase it on your website. The conversion rate is likely to go up by a considerable margin with the right trust seals.

Well-defined ‘contact us’ section: Always have a direct approach for the ‘contact us’ section. Make sure you have the correct contact number, email id, and address to avoid confusion. A well-defined ‘contact us’ adds to the credibility of your brand and helps customers reach out to you in case of concerns.

Simple checkout:
Today’s customers lead a fast-paced life. The idea behind online selling is to make life simpler and faster for them. Having a simple, user-friendly interface for checkout can help you unlock customer goodwill. You may also want to try the single-page approach for faster checkouts.

Multiple options for payment: Allow your customers to select their preferred payment option. Many users are still unsure about using cards for online purchases. Having multiple payment options will help you to accommodate all types of customers and help them trust your brand.

Want some more tips? Read our blog on making the most of the ecommerce industry to learn the tricks of the trade. Once you’ve a fair idea, implement these business improvement ideas today for a better tomorrow in terms of sales volume. You can begin by simply registering yourself as a seller on Amazon. Avail Amazon’s well-connected countrywide marketplace and watch your business flourish today.

*Source: E-commerce Platforms: 17 E-Commerce Conversion Boosters
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