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To build a private label brand of your own and become a preferred seller, you can refer to the following opportunity ideas.

Amazon has helped lakhs of Indian sellers expand their business across the country. Today, there are crores of products of all kinds, listed and sold by a variety of sellers. To grow your business and increase your sale in such a fast growing marketplace, it is important that your products get noticed and are liked. A simple solution to that would be registering your brand on Amazon and branding your own range of products. It will help buyers identify your products easily, build trust and eventually create customer loyalty.

To build a private label brand of your own and become a preferred seller, you can refer to the following opportunity ideas.


When a customer searches for a product on Amazon, it is important that they discover your product quickly from among the first few search results. To achieve this, you can avail solutions such as:

Sponsored Products or Display Ads:

These two advertising options are available to help boost your product discoverability and enhance your brand awareness. Display Ads are essentially banner ads prominently placed on both the website and the mobile app. Sponsored products is an advertising solution that enables your offers to be shown amongst the organically searched results on Amazon on the basis of keywords. Based on a cost per click pricing model, both these solutions increase the visibility of your products and hence amplify the chances of closing a sale. You can read more about these solutions here.

Imaging and Cataloguing:

Once the buyer clicks on your product or offering, it is important that your product page is attractive enough for the customer to make a purchase. Ensure that your product images are attractive and can influence the buyer’s preferences. Your catalogue information needs to be clear with all the required details in category-specific formats recommended by Amazon for images, titles and product descriptions. Our third party service providers can help you in case you need assistance.


While finalising which product to buy, a shopper may go through the reviews section under your product details. Therefore, you must regularly encourage your customers to leave reviews of your product and their service experience with you on Amazon. This will help other shoppers gain the confidence to buy from you. The other desirable factors include quick and free delivery options and COD availability. Products marked as Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) also gain preference, so you can make use of the brand value of Amazon to grow your sales by registering for the FBA service and making your products Prime eligible.

Post Purchase:

Building your brand does not stop once the purchase is made. It is essential that you follow the best practices to ensure a customer comes back to buy from you. You should strive to delight the customer by providing an outstanding delivery experience. Some ways to ensure the same are as follows:

Efficient packaging material:

Offering good quality packaging is as important as offering a great product. Note that your product will travel a great distance and change many hands before reaching the customer. To avoid damages in transit to the product, pack it properly with an appropriate amount of protective packaging fillers. Click here to find out how a perfect packaging can earn you that five star rating.

Some sellers also go that extra mile to delight their customers by sending a personalized greeting card or a thank you note along with the order. Ponnezhil Sundarajan, a seller on Amazon, says that she has made it a point to add a hand-written thank you note with all her orders to surprise her customers’ every time. With this, she has also seen an increase in positive reviews and repeat purchases on Amazon.

Customer Service:

It is usual for customers to contact sellers directly through Amazon to clarify their doubts about the product. This provides an opportunity to earn customer loyalty through prompt, timely and high-quality responses for all their queries. Your responses should reflect your eagerness to engage in business with them. Sellers on Amazon are expected to respond to customer queries within 24 hours.

Returns Experience:

Because online shopping does not provide the “touch and feel” experience, at times your product may not meet the exact expectation of the customer. In such a case, he/she might want to return the product. Ensuring hassle free return experience is extremely important to retain customer confidence in your brand label. To provide an excellent service, we recommend responding to a return request within 24 hours.

If you are an existing Amazon Seller and need further assistance with any of the above-mentioned services, kindly get in touch with our Seller Support team. For new sellers, who would like to register themselves on Amazon, please click here. If you would like hear and learn from other sellers, please click here.
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