A quick introduction to Brand Registry at Amazon

by Arshiya Dey on 03/11/2016
A quick introduction to Brand Registry at Amazon
Disclaimer*: This process is now changed and invalid. Click here to view the latest Brand Registry information.

Did you know that sellers on Amazon who are also manufacturers and sell their own branded products can enroll their brand on Amazon via Brand Registry and register themselves as the brand owners? The goal of Brand Registry is to make it simple for sellers like yourself to create and manage your own brand online and help you list and sell your products with ease. It lets you influence the way you would like to represent your registered branded products.

So, what kind of sellers are eligible for Brand Registry?

On Amazon, the following type of sellers can take advantage of brand registry:

Manufacturers or brand owners

Distributors, resellers and other individuals or companies who have the written authorisation from the manufacturer or brand owner to manage a brand's content on Amazon.

If you do fit into any of the above-mentioned categories, you can apply for Brand Registry by following these steps:

Visit Seller Central and Search for the term ‘’Amazon brand registry’’

Click on the first result ‘’Apply for Registry section’’. Then click on ‘online application’ and enter all the relevant information.To complete the application, you will need to provide the following items:

An image of your product packaging with branding visible on the packaging.

An image of a product with your branding visible on the product itself.

Then save it and click on ‘’Continue’’

You will now be directed to the brand information page. Here, enter all relevant information related to your brand.

You will see a message indicating that your application for Brand Registry has been received.

If you are a distributor or reseller applying for brand ownership on Amazon, you will also need to upload an authorisation letter from the manufacturer or brand owner that can be downloaded directly from Seller Central. Once your application is received, it will go through a review process. Post its review and evaluation, you will receive an e-mail if your application is approved. Once approved you will be able to start listing your products on Amazon and enroll them under your brand.

After you have successfully enrolled your products via Amazon Brand Registry, it automatically gets assigned a Unique Product ID (GCID – Global Catalogue Identifier) which is 16 characters long.

Some advantages of GCID are:

It doesn’t change over time or across countries

You don’t need any other product IDs (UPC/EAN/barcode) to list the product

Sellers can easily manage their brand and have increased control over their product’s titles and details.

Now if you are a seller and have a brand to register on Amazon, you can watch this video for a detailed explanation of the process. If you are reseller, distributer or an importer, have unique products to sell and do not have UPC, you might be eligible for UPC Exemption. However, before all that, if you are not yet registered to sell on Amazon, you can click here to create your seller account.

Please Note: Sellers of Books, Media, Video and DVD are not eligible for Brand Registry.
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