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Here is an insight on current market trends to assist you in deciding whether you should consider taking your selling business online

Here is an insight on current market trends to assist you in deciding whether you shoudl consider taking your selling business online
Over the past few years, there has been a tremendous change in online shopping behaviour. Due to the ease of shopping from home, many more customers are joining the online shopping community. Listed below are some of the most popular products that are sold online. This may help you get an insight on current market trends and assist you in deciding whether you should consider taking your selling business online.

Electronics, Mobiles and Accessories: There was a time when customers would not want to buy any electronic goods online. With the advent of e-commerce industry, that has changed rapidly. Nowadays, most customers prefer to buy mobile phones, large and small home appliances online. The most commonly bought goods are mobiles, PCs and accessories, televisions, headphones and more. Selling mobile accessories online allows customers to view your entire selection and letting them choose their exact preference. According to recent studies electronic goods generate the maximum online buying interest in the customers.

Home and Kitchen: Home and kitchen is another booming category that makes a lot of sales. Apart from small electronic appliances, the commonly bought products online are bed and bath products, lighting, power and hand tools and more. Home décor like furniture, carpets, curtains are also in demand. Gardening tools are frequently bought online as well.

Fashion and Apparel: Clothing and accessories are some of the most searched and purchased items online. Some of the categories that customers search for are ethnic wear, innerwear and sleepwear. Additionally, products like handbags, footwear, belts, ties and wallets for men, women and kids are often in high demand. Jewellery is another bestselling category online. As the most prominent fashion brands cannot always have showrooms in every city, footwear has seen a lot of demand online. The more people get fashion-savvy, the higher the market for footwear.

Books: Customers buy books online because it is so much easier to find your desired book online, than rummaging through libraries and bookstores. A lot of authors launch their books on Amazon, which may catch the attention of a new reader. Whether it is fiction novels, space and science, or entrance exam books, the market for this category has only increased over the years and is expected to rise a lot more.

Beauty and health products: Most popular brands have a dedicated customer base. Therefore, a retailer of beauty and cosmetic products only needs to channel these customers to the sites where the products are sold. Some of the bestselling categories are makeup, hair and skincare, perfumes and herbal beauty products. Nutrition supplements, health and body support equipment are often purchased online as well.

Baby products: Diapers are considered by some as the most purchased baby essential online. From shampoos and soaps to toys, cribs and clothing, baby products are frequently bought online by customers probably because it gives parents the freedom to purchase their desired product without ever having to leave their child alone, or drag them along to the store. One of our sellers found huge success in the growing demand of this category.

This is not an exhaustive list of products that are bestsellers in India. Factors like region and product demand should also be considered before deciding what to sell online. For example, kanjeevaram sarees may sell very well in south India, but you may not see similar sales of the same in other regions. Before you start an online business, it is best to assess all your options and choose to sell products that will benefit you and your consumer the most. If you want to start your online selling journey at please register here.
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