What are some of the best practices to keep in mind while selling online on Amazon?

One of the most effective ways to boost your business is to start selling online. Just setting up an account on Amazon will not be enough to attract customers. So, here are a few suggested best practices to keep in mind when you start your seller journey on Amazon:

1. Image Quality:

Professional quality images are one of the backbones of successful e-Commerce sales. A genuine and large size white background product image (at least 1006 pixels) helps buyers to zoom in the details efficiently and create trust amongst your customers. Having multiple image angles with model or mannequin images wherever possible enables buyers to have a better understanding of your product offering. Follow Amazon’s product image guidelines to ensure that your image quality matches Amazon’s minimum requirements and is at par with that of other sellers.

2. FBA and Cluster Replication:

Amazon Prime has been gaining ground in India and sending the best-selling products to Amazon’s key fulfilment centres. This enables your items to be eligible for Prime delivery across multiple regions and therefore ensures fast, accurate shipment at a level of fulfilment, a service Amazon is renowned for. Sending shipments in bulk to Amazon’s fulfilment centres will also optimise your own warehouse operations and help you gain a little free time to focus on other important aspects such as business development.

3. Seller Flex:

Seller Flex has been a game changing program and helped us double our sales within months. It can be challenging for small and medium sized sellers with businesses across multiple platforms to assign inventory for individual marketplaces. This is a key pain point that the Seller Flex program addresses as it gives them the flexibility to centralise their inventory. It guarantees delivery and service standards, to its customers, that are at par with the FBA program.

4. Sponsored Ads and Product Detail Optimisation:

Advertising on Amazon is a powerful tool that can turn around your business if used efficiently. With millions of competitive product offerings, it is essential that your items show up when customers are searching and comparing products before making a purchase decision. Your product title, description, and attributes such as search terms, size, colour, etc help Amazon match a customer’s search to your items – organically as well as through search filters and advertising. Hence, it is imperative that these details are as accurate, specific and descriptive as possible.

5. Track Seller Performance and Prompt Customer Service:

Analysing your Shipping Performance parameters such as return rate, late fulfilment rate, seller rating is the easiest way to identify your shortcomings and continually improve your efforts. It is also crucial to keep your Customer Service Performance under check; promptly responding to customer queries and redressing their issues adds a personal touch to your transaction and can set you apart from other sellers like no other tool, thus aiding customer retention.
Starting a new business and selling online can feel like a huge risk. But, if you follow some of the simple steps, selling online on Amazon can potentially bring you many benefits. The Amazon Seller University has several tips on how to list your products, how to increase your store’s online visibility. Do check it out for a detailed understanding on the best practices!
Shreya Vora Amazon Seller
Director - Peora
Amazon Seller - Part of the Amazon Saathi,
Seller Mentorship Program
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