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Looking to run a hassle-free business and manage it on the go?

Welcome to Amazon Seller App where you can run your Amazon business on-the-go. Whether you’re a new seller or an existing one, the seller app is optimized for all the seller categories to help them start and grow their business. Click here to know more about the app features.

Start your business on Amazon

For a new seller, starting your Amazon business has never been easier. All you need to do is:
- Register as an Amazon Seller
- List your products and create your online store
- Start selling

That’s it! Start your wonderful seller journey with these three easy steps.

If you’re an existing seller, the app offers an easy and efficient way to manage your business.

- Download the App
- Log into your Amazon seller account
- View dashboard, manage inventory, and do a lot more to run your Amazon business

Whether you’re sitting at your home or enjoying a vacation, now you do not have to miss anything and keep delivering orders and spread happiness.

How to register your Amazon business?

To start selling on Amazon, you will need:
- An active mobile number
- An active bank account
- GST details
- PAN details
- Email ID

Once you have these details,
1. Registration - Register on the Amazon app to begin your seller journey. Once done, you get access to seller central, your one-stop portal for all your online selling needs.
2. Add product listings - Now it’s time to add your products. You can seek support required for product photography, cataloging, and other listing-related services.
3. Receive Orders - Your product is now ready for selling and is visible to all the buyers coming to Once a customer buys your product you will start receiving orders.

Get instant Amazon standard product photo

Thanks to your phone camera, now you can instantly add product images to your listing in 3 simple steps through this app:

1. Capture product image in a well-lit background
2. Use editing tools to refine the images
3. Review and upload

How to run your Amazon business on the app?

The app lets you access different features to manage the business entirely from your phone.

- Run your business. Accept orders, initiate delivery, track shipping, and receive payments
- Keep a complete check on all your orders. Track the status of ongoing, pending, and canceled orders
- Track and manage your inventory so you never run out of stock
- Get pricing alerts and adjust your product pricing
- Check all your payment status
- Check your account health - order defect rate, late shipment rate, and fulfillment cancel rate along with other compliance policies
- Respond quickly to buyers messages to resolve their issues instantly

Get full support

Having trouble using the app?
Don’t worry, our support team will guide you through the app so you can learn how to use it effectively. You can also provide feedback about the app directly to Amazon from the app.

Facing any other issues?
Get help from the team on anything. Be it taxes, order-related, shipping, or anything else. The app has a detailed list of FAQs on various topics to answer your questions so you can learn to run that app proficiently for your business. You can learn:

- About product search to make adding new products easy
- About different Amazon fees, how to calculate them, price & profit calculation, shipping costs, and more
- How to create and modify listings and manage inventory
- How to manage your orders & returns
- How to communicate with your customers for better customer service

Amazon Seller App is the ultimate place to start and grow your online business. So what are you waiting for? Start selling on Amazon seller app – India’s trusted online marketplace.
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