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Amazon Connect
The fastest way of learning is from experience and expertise.

This becomes more important while starting your online business. It’s a great way to learn from the experience of your peers and experts. You may get useful hacks, tips to avoid pitfalls, and more knowledge to step forward on the path of success.

How about you get all this while sitting at your home?

Imagine a scenario where with one click on your screen, you enter a world of immense learning on Amazon selling. Multiple sessions, expert advice, networking, and much more! Sounds interesting?

What is Amazon Connect?

Amazon Connect is a two-day virtual summit for Amazon sellers. It’s an exclusive platform for sellers to connect with Amazon leaders, Subject Matter Experts, and fellow sellers. They get exposure to special learnings on selling and expanding business on Amazon. The event includes leadership sessions, panel discussions, master classes, etc., to help sellers scale their business while learning from the best in business.

Since its inception, the Connect program has been running successfully in different cities of the country to reach out to maximum sellers. This year, due to the unfortunate pandemic scenario, Amazon decided to take it online and organize a virtual summit for all the sellers. It’s a free-of-charge online program, hosted by Amazon leaders, aimed at bringing the sellers face-to-face with Amazon leadership to interact on selling on Amazon.

What does Connect hold for sellers?

It’s a great opportunity for you to learn about selling on Amazon. Connect has gathered various events and sessions under the program to maximize your learning. Here’s what Amazon Connect has in store for you:

Interactive Sessions:

This two-day program brings an extensive list of keynotes and panel discussions with Amazon leaders and experts. Their deep insights on selling may act as a turning point for your Amazon business. Listen to their stories about how they grew, and with live poll & Q&As, resolve all your queries and hurdles on-the-go.
So don’t let this golden opportunity of learning from the experts slip out of your hands!
Amazon Connect - Interactive Sessions


Go old school and learn from peers.
Networking is a crucial part of a business. The more you connect with people, the more you gain knowledge. Amazon Connect brings a chance to interact with other sellers and leaders. Make as many connections, understand what works for them, learn from their experience, and apply to your business to grow.
Amazon Connect - Networking

Exhibit Area:

Stuck somewhere?
Apart from getting expert advice, you can always get in touch with the Amazon representatives and eCommerce Service Providers. Reach out to them with any queries and get the optimal solutions for your business.
Amazon Connect - Exhibit Area


Who doesn’t like some good tips and tricks, right?
Amazon Connect 2020 has 12 Masterclass sessions spread throughout the two-day period. Here you can learn useful tips to give a boost to your business. These Masterclasses have been designed to offer you in-depth information on all relevant topics for your business. Learn how to start our business, how to leverage SPN (Service Provider Network), increase product visibility, and more to start growing.
Amazon Connect - Masterclass

Prepare for Festive Seasons:

With some biggest festive seasons around the corner, get ready to make the most out of them. Get useful insights on how to approach these occasions, how to set coupons/discounts/promotions, which one works best for your business, and more. These expert tips will help you get more customer attention and generate remarkable business revenue as well during sale events
Amazon Connect - Festive Seasons

Why Amazon Connect?

Amazon has always stepped forward to provide support at every step for sellers. While Amazon is always available for you to help out at any step, a direct seller-to-seller and seller-to-leader interaction are essential to understand the seller perspectives better. Amazon Connect is one such step to bring an exceptional knowledge-sharing platform to the sellers. Here’s how it helps you:
  • Connect with people Interact with your fellow sellers on common interests. Share knowledge on Selling on Amazon and widen your experience. Get a chance to interact with Amazon leaders and Subject Matter Experts, where they answer your questions and offer valuable advice to grow your business.
  • Immense Learning Get your hands on various exhibit materials like brochures that you can download for future reference. You can also replay the sessions you think can be helpful for you at your convenience.
  • Grow your business Learn to use different Amazon services to expand your business. Leverage different occasions and power up your business performance.

Amazon - Always there to help the sellers

Amazon recognizes the importance of the seller community and the value they add. The Connect program has been a great success in bringing the much-needed help for all sellers like you from the start. It’s also a great medium to get valuable feedback from the sellers on improving service for them in the best way possible. Even the current pandemic situation cannot bring down the drive to support the seller community. Amazon always comes up with new ideas to reach out to you and extend the helping hand. This virtual summit is a perfect example of that.

The program aims to enable sellers to grow profitably on That’s why Amazon developed Connect, keeping in mind the tremendous help it can offer to all the sellers. So be prepared for an intense Connect program to learn as much as you can for your Amazon business.

If you’re looking to start your business on Amazon, join today so you don’t miss out on such unimaginable learning and growing experiences.
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