Amazon Chai Cart: Winning sellers' hearts and now a GOLD award, all over a cup of tea

Amazon Chai Cart - Connecting with sellers in India

We are extremely proud to announce that one of our initiatives – Amazon Chai Cart - aimed at connecting with sellers in India won a Gold award in the most INNOVATIVE CREATION OF A NEW MEDIUM category at the recently concluded NEON awards run by Exchange for Media (E4M). We thank all of you for being a part of this initiative which enabled us to achieve this feat edging past strong contenders.

For many of our Indian sellers, tea or chai as we like to call it, is an important part of their lives. From looking forward to that morning cup of chai to start the day to the second cup of chai during the afternoon to refresh you and keep you active – these chai breaks are a great way to have discussions about business, personal matters or even selling online. So, innovating on behalf of our sellers and capitalising on this chai culture across India, Amazon designed an eye catching ‘Chai Cart’, which could easily move through the narrow streets of Indian markets informing Sellers about the benefits of starting an online business and helping them understand the entire process over a cup of Chai.
Amazon Chai Kart on the streets
Amazon Chai Cart visited multiple markets across the country attracting sellers, generating curiosity, serving them a cup of Chai and explaining the benefits of selling on Amazon. The idea, ‘Chai toh hai Bahana, Maksad hai aapka vyapar Badhana’ was widely accepted.

At every market, the Amazon associates armed with tablets, visited all stores explaining the Amazon seller benefits to store owners and inviting them for a cup of chai over which they could talk about how their business can grow online.

The Chai Cart served as a great break and an even better business opportunity for sellers. Retailers and business owners seeking growth were convinced by the opportunities provided by Amazon, registered themselves and became a part of Amazon’s endeavour to grow their businesses across India – all on the spot. In a period of four months, the team travelled 15,280 km across 31 cities, served 37,200 cups of tea and engaged with over 10,000 sellers.

Once again, we would like to thank all the sellers for participating in the Chai Cart activity and becoming a part of the Amazon family. This amazing response to initiatives like these continue to drive our passion and compels us to keep innovating and experimenting to help our Indian sellers transform the way they sell online. If you haven't already registered to sell on Amazon and grow your business then you can click here.
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