Automate Pricing - Bulk upload feature launched

by Swati Bucha and Ramesh Kumar Burman on 05/10/2017
Amazon Automated Pricing Tool
In one of our previous blogs, we informed you about a feature that allows the Amazon sellers to automate the pricing of their products based on the trending price. This tool is known as Automate Pricing tool. You as an Amazon seller will be excited to know that we have launched a new feature that allows you to upload products in bulk with Automate Pricing. This is one of the most important features for sellers who have a large selection to reprice.

Now sellers can effortlessly add thousands of SKUs to or remove these from Automate Pricing rules using new Automate Pricing file. The file supports up to 5,000 SKUs per load, 3 uploads per day. As soon as the feed processes, your SKUs are applied to the rule you set and Automate Pricing adjusts your price according to the rule, minimum price and maximum price you enter.

The Automate Pricing file enables sellers to:

Assign an SKU to a pricing rule

Upload modifications to minimum price, maximum price, assigned automated pricing rule

Start or stop running automated pricing on a rule

Onboard hundreds or thousands of SKUs to Automate Pricing at the same time, instead of being constrained to up to 100 SKUs at a time in the Automate Pricing user interface

Resume all the listings which are paused without going through painful and time-consuming process

Steps to use the bulk capability

Download the Automate Pricing file template.

Enter the SKUs you wish to automate.

For each SKU, enter the minimum item price you wish to keep your price above in the minimum-seller-allowed-price field. This will ensure Automate Pricing does not price the item below this value.

Enter the maximum price you wish to keep your price below in the maximum-seller-allowed-price field. This will ensure Automate Pricing does not price the item above this value.

Enter the rule name, verbatim, from the rule you set in the Automate Pricing tool. You can copy and paste the rule from the tool.

To assign the SKU to a repricing rule, enter START in the rule-action field.

To assign the SKU to Automate Pricing, enter the SKU, minimum price, maximum price, rule name and START in the rule-action field. This is the same process as moving an SKU from one rule to another.

To remove an SKU from Automate Pricing, enter the SKU and STOP in the rule-action field. If you also enter a minimum and maximum price, we will adjust your minimum and maximum price, even though repricing has stopped on the SKU.

To edit minimum and maximum price, maintain the same SKU, rule name and START in the rule-action field and adjust your minimum and maximum price values.

After you have filled in the template, go to the "Automate Pricing Template" tab and save the sheet as a "Tab Delimited Text (.txt)" file.

To upload your file, go to Check and Upload your Inventory File tab. Under Step 2 in the File Type section, use the drop-down to select the Automate Pricing file type.

In the File Upload section, click Browse and select the tab-delimited file (.txt) you created earlier. After you select your file, click Upload. When you upload your file, a status box confirms that your file has been received.

You can also watch the video to understand the steps to use bulk upload capability. However, if you are not a seller on Amazon yet, please register now.
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