All about private labels: Starting a profitable business in India

by Swetasree on 28/01/2018
Starting an online business? Private labelling has emerged as a profitable business in India for budding entrepreneurs.

When you own a brand or a label of your own, the identity in itself drives large volumes of sales. Naturally, private labels help in selling even the most generic products. That being said, generic products face a lot of market competition, specifically in an online retail market. Therefore, establishing one’s name and face in the private label domain can be a tough nut to crack. The easiest way to go about this is to earmark some sort of a product differentiator, one that visually and qualitatively sets your product apart from its competitors in the market.

What is private labelling?

Private label brands are legally owned by a supplier or a retailer. The suppliers and retailers do not make the goods themselves but get it done through a manufacturer under their private label. As a result, the manufacturing company has no legal rights over the brand or its products. However, they rightfully happen to get a share of the revenue on the sale of the product.

How do you private label products?

Private labelling is a profitable business in India for newbies. Instead of building an ecommerce website to sell products from your private label, you could create one on Amazon. The steps to go about the same include:
• Finding yourself a suitable product or a product niche
• Looking for a supplier or a manufacturer who makes the product
• Create a logo for your brand, finalise packaging and product design
• List the products on the website
• Sign up for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
• Start selling products from your private label

Trending private label products

You are probably wondering, so what do I sell then? Don’t worry, we’ve got you sorted in this regard. To make things simple for you, we’ve listed four trending private label product ideas that seem to be selling like hot cakes this year.

Water bottles:

The reusable water bottle market is growing steadily by the year. Also, with consumers taking their social responsibility seriously, environment friendly products are in demand particularly.

• Essential oils:

The cosmetic industry has grown immensely, so has the sale of essential oils. Start a profitable business in India by private labelling essential oils, which has its demand not only in the food and beverage industry but is also utilized in aromatherapy, relaxation techniques and massages of several sorts.

• Reusable Bags:

With consumers keen on having a positive impact on the environment, it’s not the least bit surprising that they are switching to reusable bags from single-use ones.

• Terrariums:

In an effort to retain a sense of greenness amidst congested cities filled with cemented fortifications, houseplants and gardening are all the rage now. Terrariums allow people to create their own mini gardens, they act as aesthetic pieces of household decoration and the best part is that they are available in all shapes and sizes.
Now that you have a fair idea with regards to private label products, it’s the right time to get your online business going. Once you find a certain aspect of your brand that people can really resonate with, much of your work is done. Choose a well-known market place to sell your private label, one that’ll help you display products in an optimized manner. Choose Amazon, a highly reliable platform. Register as a seller and reach out to a marketplace worth a crore plus customers. Make the best of private labeling and selling your products on Amazon today.
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