Ways to boost your sales on Amazon

Amazon India is the largest e-commerce marketplace which is being visited by millions of shoppers every single day.

As a seller on Amazon, it is very important that the product being sold should be visible to relevant shoppers and from time to time sellers should take the initiative to market the products for greater visibility.

In this post, I am sharing various ways to boost your sales on Amazon India Marketplace.

Remember this -> Your product needs visibility to the “target audience” or “Niche audience” hence you should learn how to market products to your niche buyers and also the repeat buyers
Try the following ways to give a boost to your product sales.

If one gets an invitation from Amazon for the Seller Flex program, has their own space, a team to responsibly handle the everyday inbounding/packing/managing returns, then one shouldn't hesitate in moving to Seller Flex.

1. Lightning Deals

A Lightning Deal is a time-bound, promotional offer where an item is featured for a limited number of hours, usually 6 to 8 hours (as determined by Amazon), on the Amazon Deals page.

Deals are visible under the deals section with the time duration mentioned and help in increasing sales.
Lightning Deals Amazon

The seller needs to be eligible to run lightning deals

All Prime sellers are eligible to run Lightning Deals and the following criteria also must be met:
• Products must have a sales history on Amazon and at least a 3-star rating if there are 5 or more customer ratings.
• Variations - Deals should include as many product variations (e.g. size, colour, style etc.) as possible. For some products, such as clothing and shoes, at least 50% of variations should be included in the deal. (The predetermined minimum percentage of product variations are specified when you create the deal)
• Not a restricted product or offensive, embarrassing or inappropriate product
• New Condition
• Compliant with customer product reviews policies at Amazon
• Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) or Seller Fulfilled Prime

Try to create one deal today.

2. Coupons

We all shop online and what’s better if we go online and open a product page we like and coupon flashes right in front to be grabbed for a discount at checkout.
Amazon Coupons
We will simply grab the limited time offer hence coupons are attractive and profitable to offer.

Coupons are discounts on a single product or a set of products and discoverable to shoppers through various means like:-
Coupons home page • Search results
• Product detail pages
• The Offer Listings page
• In their carts

Do coupons have some criteria?

The following products are not eligible for coupons:
• Products in used condition, collectables, or certified refurbished
• Adult products
• The following product types are not allowed:
~ Sexual Wellness
~ Hunting and Fishing
~ Guns and gun accessories
~ Restricted products
• Cannot have content on the product detail page that may be offensive, embarrassing, or inappropriate.

It is also important to note here that coupons cannot be provided as an incentive for customer reviews (either explicitly or implicitly), and customer reviews that result from purchases with coupons may not always get the "Amazon Verified Purchase".

Coupon targeting

Coupons work on a defined budget by sellers and the best part of that you can target or set conditions like
• Target only to Prime customers
• Coupons providing a fixed % off
• Coupons with a fixed amount off

If you a have a social media fan page or an email list of prospects, go ahead and share the coupon with your customers to grab the deal.

3. Sponsered Ads

Your product needs to be shown to the targeted customer and Sponsered ads backed by a long tail and highly focused or niche keywords is the way to go

Amazon offers cost-per-click advertising. You can see how much you’re spending for clicks on your ads, target keywords shoppers are using, and measure the impact of your campaigns. You can adjust your budget and bids at any time to test what’s working well, and to test new keywords.

I personally recommend a review every 15 days till you get your golden 10 keywords visited by shoppers.

Another feature worth mentioning here is Amazon offers ads in two formats.

1. Sponsored Products that promote the individual products you sell on Amazon. You choose which products to advertise, assign keywords or product attributes to target, and enter a cost-per-click amount.

2. Sponsored Brands which increases awareness of your products. The ad creative you build includes a headline, logo, and product images. When shoppers click your Sponsored Brand, you can specify whether they will go to the Amazon Store for your brand, or any page that displays your products on Amazon. You can showcase all products you offer by bringing the customer to your brand page and sell unlimited.

So, if you as an Amazon seller has never tried any of the promotional methods above, you may be losing some selling opportunities.

Only to manufacture, or keep in Inventory is not good but to market, sell and replenish Inventory is the need of the business.

Wish you success and luck. Start your Amazon journer here.
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