5 profitable small business ideas in Gujarat

Keeping in mind the availability of raw material, skill labour and market potential, here are some of the business ideas

by Anindya on 12/12/2017
Gujarat has been in the forefront of business and industry in India for long. The state leads in some sectors and finds notable mention in many other sectors. Gujarat’s Industrial Policy encourages small entrepreneurs, according to the World Bank report, Gujarat ranks top in ease of doing business among Indian states. Some highlights of industry and business in Gujarat*:

It is the largest producer (35%) and exporter (60%) of cotton and is the third largest denim producer in the world.
Gujarat provides 12% of India’s textile exports. Known as the ‘Manchester of the East’ and ‘Denim City.’ 6% of Gujarat’s total Industrial Production comes from textile industry.
Gems and Jewellery Business in Gujarat is the fastest growing sector in the country. In addition to cutting and polishing of Diamonds, processing and jewellery design has also gained prominence.

Here are 4 small business ideas in Gujarat keeping in mind the availability of raw material, skilled labour, and market potential.

Garment manufacturing unit

Gujarat being the textile capital of India, a small scale garment manufacturing unit is a good idea if you have some experience with tailoring or garment manufacture. Raw material, which is cloth, is available in abundance at perhaps the lowest prices in the country. You can start from home only. Just hire a couple of tailors, look up the current trends in fashion and start manufacturing kurtis, salwar-kameez, blouses, shirts and school uniforms. You can sell them to local retailers or on Amazon, as there is a good demand for these garments. One of our sellers experienced exponential growth in the garment sector by selling on Amazon. Watch his story here.

Printing and Embroidery Unit

Printing and embroidery add value to manufactured garments. In this age of high fashion, manufacturers always try to make their products attractive by adding designs, colours and patches to their products. As such, excluding some basic garments, all exported garments need printing or embroidery work or both. Most exporters outsource the printing and embroidery work, so there is a lot of potential for this business. If you are planning to sell hand crafted products online, you might be eligible for Amazon Karigar

Sub-contracting in garment

Set up a small tailoring unit and secure sub-contracts from exporters and local brands. During the buying seasons, big exporters book excess orders for which they do not have the production capacity. They sub-contract these excess orders to smaller units to complete the orders they have booked. In this business, you don’t need to handle buyers or purchase raw material. You have to collect the cut pieces from the exporter and just get them stitched to particular standards.

Manufacturing Denim Tote bags

A day-to-day accessory like a tote bag is a fashion statement today. Trendy tote bags in different shapes, colours, designs and styles with denim as the basic material sell very well. If you are of a creative bent of mind, set up a small unit with a couple of tailors. Procurement of denim is easy in Gujarat and skilled labour is also easily available.

You can sell your bags online at Amazon, one of the most popular e-commerce platforms across the world. To sell on Amazon, register here

*Source: Gujarat (Official Gujarat State Portal): Business
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