5 profitable ideas for wholesale dress manufacturers

by Pallavi on 26/01/2018
Ideas for dress manufacturers
Donatella Versace once said that fashion is about dreaming and making other people dream. As wholesale dress manufacturers, you can make dreams come true. The garments you manufacture can not just clothe people, but offer them chic daily wear in keeping with latest fashion trends. With textile and apparel exports expected to jump from $36.66 billion in 2017 to $82 billion by 2021, India currently has one of the best markets for garment manufacturers*. Add to this, its rich heritage and millions of creative artisans in the dressmaking industry, there never would be a dearth of ideas for making new dresses every season.

So, to kick-start a wholesale dressmaking business, the first thing you will need is a hardbound business plan. Your business plan will decide what machines you will need to set up, raw materials to order, and the skill set of workers you will employ. Here, we bring to you some of the best and most profitable of all ideas that will help you become a successful wholesale dress manufacturer.
Bridal Wear Manufacturing - Brides want to look their best on their wedding day. Designers and manufacturers of sarees, lehngas, and other bridal costumes can charge a premium for their beautiful designs and tailoring. All these reasons make wholesale bridal wear manufacturing a lucrative apparel business idea.

Baby Clothes Manufacturing – Manufacturing infant wear and clothes for growing children is another profitable apparel business idea. Babies grow fast and they tend to need a frequent new batch of clothes. A wholesale dress manufacturer of kidswear, you can, therefore, sell large units of baby garments.

Lingerie Production – Lingerie has become one of the hottest selling items in the past few years. A good in-house designer can help in the production of the trendiest of lingerie. Be it bralettes, sporty bras, push-ups or strapless, if you are can manufacture quality and soon-to-be trending underwear, you will find many businesses lining up to buy your items in bulk.

Designer Dress Making – A creative mind can earn a lot from manufacturing dresses with unique designs. Boutique owners are on a lookout for wholesale dress manufacturers who have the capability to produce designer dresses in bulk. As these dresses are usually sold at a higher price than regular garments, wholesale manufacturers can earn more than other garment makers.

Knitting and Crocheting – Given than wool knitting and crochet are niche apparel manufacturing, there is a major demand of manufacturers having the machines and skilled workers to knit woollen garments, and crochet laces and other items. Since much of the crochet and designer knitting are done by hand, you will need to have a team of people who can do it regularly. You can even approach cooperatives comprising hundreds of members who are adept at knitting and crocheting and can do it from home.

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*Source: Ibef.org: Textiles-and-Apparel-December-2017
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