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Become a Prime Seller customers trust the Prime Badge because it guarantees a great customer experience - free, fast, and reliable delivery and world-class customer support. Here's how you can become a Prime seller:
Become a Prime Seller
Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service that lets you sit back while Amazon takes care of everything from storing, packing, and delivering your products to you customers. When you choose Fulfillment by Amazon your products get the Prime Badge, enabling free and fast delivery and Amazon's world-class customer support. Sellers choosing FBA have seen upto 3x increase in sales.

Tools to help you grow offers a whole host of tools that can help you succeed. You can choose from the wide selection based on your specific needs.
Automated Pricing on Amazon
Price competitively
  • Set your own rules for pricing
  • Your prices are adjusted automatically
Automated Pricing on Amazon
Delight customers with offers
  • Give your customers coupons for special offers on shipping, discounts, and future purchases
  • Create a limited time offer with “Lightning Deals” and get featured on the Today's Deals page
Voice of customer dashboard on Amazon
Learn from customer feedback
  • View customer feedback, see how customers are responding to your products
  • Get insights to optimize inventory, reduce returns and negative feedback, and increase profits

Amazon jargon:

Lightning Deals

A Lightning Deal is a promotion in which a limited number of discounts are offered on items for a short period.

Selling Programs

We understand your needs are different from everyone else’s. Which is why, Amazon gives you access to a whole host of programs designed for your specific needs, so you can start growing your business.
Amazon Business

Suppliers & Wholesalers

Amazon Business enables bulk selling to businesses across India. It lets you set bulk purchase prices and avail input tax credit and shipping and fulfillment support.
Amazon Launchpad

Startups &

Amazon Launchpad gives you guidance and sales support to help you grow your customer base and gain brand recognition.
Amazon Saheli

Women-run businesses

Saheli offers workshops, account management and support to women who run their own business, along with a chance to get featured on the Saheli store on
Every Amazon seller is a part of Amazon STEP, where you will get help and recommendations to grow.
As you improve your performance, you unlock benefits by moving through different levels - such as certain fee waivers, faster disbursement cycles, priority seller support, free account management and more

Service Providers

When you're looking to scale up your business, doing everything yourself can be a complicated process. This is where the Amazon Service Provider Network (SPN) can help. sellers can get paid assistance from trusted professionals through Amazon SPN. Whether you need help with listing your products on, account management, shipping support, or just someone to handle the accounting, SPN has a provider for every need.
Amazon Service Providers

Sell across the world

When you become an seller, you become a part of the world's biggest shopping destination. So why limit yourself to your own backyard when you can sell in 200+ countries.

With a world-class fulfillment network to handle all your needs, you can take your business international with global selling.
Amazon Global Selling

Take part in shopping Festivals

It's no secret that India loves to celebrate by shopping. As an seller, you can be a part of these shopping festivals and take advantage of the increase in customer demand during this period. Whether it's selling during Diwali, getting ready for Prime Day, or multiple festivals throughout the year, selling on during festivals can see your sales grow manifold.
Amazon Shopping Festivals
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