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Create an account in 3 simple steps. All you need is your GST, PAN & an active bank account details.

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Complete listing your products & choose from one of the many options for storage, packaging & delivery.

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Easily track customer orders, sales growth & payment settlements on our centralized dashboard available on desktop & app.

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Once you become a verified seller, payments are deposited safely to your bank account every 7 days, even for Pay on Delivery orders.

Why sell on Amazon?

Secure payments

Secure payments, regularly

Your money is safely deposited directly to your bank account every 7 days, even for Pay-on-Delivery orders.
Stress-free shipping

Stress-free shipping

We take care of delivering your products, whether through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or Easy Ship.
Service Provider

Services for every need

Get paid support from third-party professionals for product photography, account management, and much more.
Amazon's 2% Selling Fees offer has proved to be a game changer for both Seller & Customers
Aman PandeyDekorly
My business has grown by
9x this year on Amazon
Priya TyagiCo-founder, Tied Ribbons
Initially, I was selling only 10 products on Amazon. Since the customers began to ask for different products, I started designing them and now, I'm selling 700 products.
ChristieFound of clothes brand Looms & Weaves
Amazon takes complete responsibility of delivering the product in the best condition to the customer by or before the time promised for delivery.
VinayakTodu Price
Our orders come from places
we haven't even heard of.
Anupam BarmanAsavari Sarees

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