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Prime Day - Amazon's Biggest Shopping Event

Amazon Prime day


sellers became crorepatis
during Prime Day 2020


sellers saw their highest sale
day ever during Prime Day 2020

1 Million

customers made purchases from SMBs
in the 14-days upto Prime Day 2020

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Prime Day is one of Amazon's big shopping events of the year and an opportunity for sellers to connect with lakhs of Prime members across the country. On this day, Prime customers get exclusive access to discounts on many product categories listed exclusively by Prime Sellers on

How Do I Become a Prime Seller?

To become a Prime Seller and cater to eligible customers on Prime Day and beyond, select Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) as your shipping method and send your products to our Amazon fulfillment centers (FC). Another way to get the Prime Seller badge would be to join the Local Shops program, where you can gain access to Prime badge over time for customers in nearby pincodes.

How can a seller participate in Prime Day?

New to selling on Amazon?
Sell on Amazon
It's a great time to start selling on! New sellers who participated in the Prime Day event, have grown by 3X. By becoming a seller on, you can give your business national reach during the biggest shopping season of the Indian calendar.
Already selling on Amazon?
Existing Seller
If you are already a seller on, the best way to make the most of the Prime Day is prepare for the potential increase in demand. Click the link below to sign in to your Seller Central account and get personalized recommendations for Prime Day, advertising, coupons as well as offers and rewards.

How do I prepare for the sale?

Here's how you can prepare to make the most of being a Prime seller:
Stock your products
Make sure your top products are in stock
Inbound your products
Inbound your products to Fulfillment Centers closer to Prime customers
Create coupons and deals
Create coupons & deals to delight customers
Price competitively
Price competitively to increase your chances to win the buybox
Registered Amazon Seller? Start preparing your Prime selection

Why become a Prime Seller?

Prime member base in India has grown faster than any other country since launch in Jul’ 2016. During Prime Day 2019, Prime customers bought unique selection from thousands of small sellers who saw 67% increase in their sales. Prime customers also shop all year round. It is a great opportunity to make your products discoverable to Prime members and drive value for your business.

How can you become a Prime Seller?

You can now become a Prime Seller on the three ways given below:
Fulfillment by Amazon
Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
FBA is a logistics and fulfillment service offered by Amazon in which Amazon picks, packs, and delivers your goods to the customer. When you choose FBA, your products become eligible for Prime. We currently have a special offer of 3 months/100 units fee waivers for first-time users of FBA
Local Shops by Amazon
Local Shops by Amazon
If you own a store or business and can deliver to nearby pincodes quickly (same day/next day) using either your own associates or a third party carrier, then you can sign up for Local Shops on Amazon. This can enable the Prime badge for your nearby pin code.
Seller Flex
Seller Flex
Seller Flex provides you with all the benefits of FBA from the convenience of your warehouse location. This program allows you to sell products with Prime and FBA badge while enabling higher selection and giving one-day/two-day delivery promise to the customers.
(Seller Central Sign In Required)

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How being a Prime Sellers amplifies during this festive sale
This is the perfect time to register yourself as a prime seller and enjoy the benefits of Amazon Prime.
Benefits of Becoming an Amazon Prime Seller
Since its launch in 2016, Amazon Prime in India has grown its member base faster than any other country. The special superior services they receive as Prime members attract more people.

Become a Prime Seller today

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