Tools to help run your business smoothly

by Ayesha Siddiqa and Tabish Altaf on 25/05/2017
Technology plays a key role in making our day-to-day life easier. Whether it is an offline or online business, employing technology reduces operational costs, saves time and effort. Use of technology also ensures understand and analyse your business, so you can help it grow. Mentioned below are some forms of technology that you can use to run your business in an easy manner.
Tools to grow your business on Amazon

Order management

Order management systems primarily assist you in maintaining your online accounts, tracking shipments and sales, keeping a tab on customer reports, invoices and other order related data. They give you real-time sales figures and help in tracking payments made to you.

Inventory Management

Inventory management system is a part of order management, and is concerned with stocking and warehousing your products. They help in accurate shipment tracking, deliveries and returns. You can also keep a check on your product stocks and avoid running out of them when there is a high demand. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service takes care of all these for you.

Feedback and marketing systems

Online forums and marketing channels are a practical way of advertising your products and receiving direct customer feedback. This helps you in reaching out to a larger customer base, and gives you an opportunity to retain customers by constantly improving your service based on the feedback. At, you have access to a customer feedback for your products and customer service.

Keyword generators

A concise product description with the right keywords goes a long way in making your visible available to a larger audience. Keyword generators assess current market trends according to the product listed and generate relevant keywords, which in turn help you improve your position on search engines. If you use Amazon’s service provided network (SPN) for end-to-end listing, you do not have to worry about this aspect.

Demand forecasting tools

It always pays to be one step ahead of your competitors. Essentially, demand forecasting tools predict future customer demands, so the retailers can accommodate them accordingly. They study customer buying behaviour to provide realistic market trends. This helps the sellers be better prepared for the future and earn customer loyalty by offering them what they want. If you are not able to access such tools, a simpler way to start would be to look at your weekly sales and understand which day of the week your sales increase and prepare accordingly by stocking up or changing prices.

How can Amazon help you?
Amazon Seller Central encompasses most of the above mentioned features. What’s more? You can even access them on the Amazon Seller App to manage your business on the go. Advanced features like homepage graph, which helps in following sales figures, shipment tracking and inventory management and much more are available in a single app. To learn about more features on the Amazon seller app, click here. Download the app from Google Play Store or the iOS App Store and start your seller journey today.

If you are not already using any of the above technologies, it is high time you start, to keep up with the ever-growing online market. Embrace technology in making your business a smoother affair. If you want to become an online seller at Amazon India, register here.
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