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At Amazon, we will be with you at every step and guide you on how to grow and manage your business. As an Seller, you will get access to a wide variety of tools and solutions that will increase your business speed.

Get the Prime Advantage

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

When you use FBA, you send your products to the Amazon Fulfillment Center and we will take care of the rest. Once an order is received, we will pack and deliver your products to the buyer and also manage customer queries. With FBA you will receive benefits like:
  • Sellers with Prime Badge have up to 3X higher sales
  • Increased chances of getting the Buybox
  • Hassle-free operations (Amazon manages inventory and delivery), with free and fast shipping for Prime Members
  • Products with Prime Badge are visited more by customers and tend to have higher conversions.
  • Amazon handles customer support and returns
Products on with the Prime Badge

Advertise Your Products

Sponsored Products (SP)

Create targeted ads through SP so that your products can be easily found by customers. You can start bidding from ₹1 and pay per click. With SP you will receive benefits like:
  • Chance to get on page 1 of Search results thereby making your product gets high visibility
  • Pay only when your ad is clicked
  • Chances of boosting sales by targeting relevant customers
  • Real-time reports to measure impact
  • Get SP credits worth INR 1,000 free when you launch your business
Sponsored Products on

Attract customers with savings

Automate Pricing tool for Sellers

Automate Pricing

Set rules and automatically adjust the prices of your products and increase the chances of winning the Offer Display.
Coupons offered by Amazon Sellers on


Make your customers excited by creating special offers on your products through Coupons to get more orders.
Today's Deals Page on


Boost sales with limited-period promotional offers on your products and appear on the Today's Deals page.

Reduce Returns through customer feedback

Voice of Customer Dashboard

View customer feedback on your products, understand how customers are responding to your products, and optimize your inventory. With this dashboard, you can reduce returns and negative feedback and increase profitability.
Voice of Customer Dashboard
CK Enterprises has seen a reduction of 140 basis points (BPS) in Seller Confirmed Return Rate (SCRR) in a month.
"We have been daily looking at Voice of the Customer from its inception and we are improving our products based on insights gained from VOC – Very Poor listings are deleted by us and Poor is being keenly monitored for making changes in detail pages”

Manage your Business on the go with Amazon Seller App

Go Mobile with the Amazon Seller App

Amazon seller app
Use the Amazon Seller App to manage your business on the go. Using the Amazon Seller App, you can -
  • Easily research products and list your offer
  • Create listings and edit product photos
  • Track your sales and inventory
  • Manage offers and returns
  • Respond quickly to buyers' messages
  • Get help and support at any time
Click here to download the Amazon Seller app on Google Play
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Get help anytime

Seller University

Learn from Seller University

Understand Amazon's complete process, services, tools, products, and policies through various modes of education such as study materials, online webinars, and classroom training in your city.
Seller Support

Contact Seller Support

Whether you have just registered, or you have been selling for years, Amazon Seller Support helps you to resolve your issues. Our trained seller support team is available all day long to assist you.
(Requires Seller Central login)

Did you know:

Tools for brand owners
If you own a brand, Amazon offers tools to help you build, grow, and protect it. Enrolling in Brand Registry can help you personalize your brand and product pages, protect your trademarks and intellectual property, and improve the brand experience for customers—along with unlocking additional advertising options and recommendations on improving traffic and conversion.

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