Best online business ideas for students

by Ayesha Siddiqa on 13/07/2017
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A lot of youngsters are bitten by the entrepreneurial bug while they are still students. They want to be independent well before they get a job. Selling online is a good idea for people who want to make money without disrupting their education. If you are a student, looking for some ideas on what you can sell online with minimal investment, read on.

Handmade Jewellery: You can sell handmade jewellery online as there is a lot of demand for it in the market. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, bangles and anklets are easy to make with inexpensive materials like beads, silk threads and artificial stones. This is one category of products that need low investment but can be sold with ease.

Craft Items: If you are an artsy person, use your skills to sell unique products online. This can include paintings, greeting cards, wall posters, decals, dream catchers, photo frames and many other craft items. The best part about selling something that you have made is that they will be one-of-a-kind, which may be appealing to a lot of online customers.

Candles: Candle making is a business that does not require a huge capital to start. You can start off by purchasing a candle-making kit with casts, coloured wax, scents and wicks. Once you have perfected the art, you can sell your creations online. Candles with unique shapes and scents are well-received by customers.

Seeds and Manure: Organic seeds like papaya seeds, tomato seeds, lemon seeds, guava seeds and natural manure can be sourced from local gardeners or vendors for gardening. It is not just a cost-effective business idea, but also an environment-friendly one. It needs very little investment, but with the right kind of products, may help your business grow.

Printed T-shirts, Sweatshirts: Younger minds more creative. So go ahead and use your imagination in designing cool prints for t-shirts and hoodies, and sell them online. Once the business takes off, you can also consider accepting bulk orders for college/corporate merchandise.

Customised Gifts: Customised gifts are a lovely way of showing your dear ones that you care. Provide your customers the opportunity to customise mugs, photo frames, wall clocks and other items. You could design the prints and upload them on the site. Once you receive an order, you can get it printed in an offline store and ship it to the customer.

Selling online is really simple. Once you receive a GST and VAT/CST number through your PAN card, it is just a matter of registering yourself as a seller on Amazon and listing your products. Interested in selling online? Register here to setup your online business.
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