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Partner with Amazon to on-board new sellers

Partner with Amazon and start/grow your business.

What is this opportunity?

Amazon brings an exciting opportunity for individual entrepreneurs, small/medium businesses and large organizations to partner with Amazon, to onboard sellers. As a partner with Amazon, you will enable sellers to start selling on Amazon, train and mentor them for success & thereby generate income for yourself.
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Become an Entrepreneur

You can work as an individual or create an organization to on-board sellers, and take your business to new heights
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Earn More Money

Make a profit when new sellers sell their products on
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Expert Training

Get trained by Experts on the Amazon India marketplace
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Get Certified by Amazon

Attend the training, complete the evaluation and get partnership certificate from Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the frequently asked questions about the ATES/Seller Affiliates Partner Program
How should I get enrolled into this program?
You need to use the above registration link to enroll in the program that suits you best. Post registration, we will reach out to you with the next steps around training and certification
Will the training be conducted online, or it is a classroom seating only? What will be the duration of training?
Both the options of online as well as offline training are available. Basis the type of program that you opt for, training details will be communicated to you.
Is the training free or do I have to pay for the training?
This is a paid training. Basis your location and type of training, you will be charged anywhere between INR 1500 to INR 3500.
Where is the classroom training conducted?
The classroom trainings are conducted in different cities by our certified partners. Basis your location, we will notify you the trainer and training details.
Who are our certified training partners?
After I complete the training, will Amazon connect me to sellers? Or will I need to find them myself?
For launching new sellers you would need to generate your own leads. You will be a certified partner and can also provide services to existing sellers on Amazon. However, you will not be eligible for any payout from Amazon for the services that you provide to the existing sellers.
What kind of training/mentoring needs to be provided by you to the sellers you on-board?
You will have to train the sellers on listing their products, on how to edit their listing/pricing, on order management and on how to maintain seller performance/process returns/refunds. As our partner, you will enable the sellers to grow their business on Amazon
How will I earn money?
Seller-wise payout will be made basis the net Fulfilled GMS of the seller (excluding refunds/returns and self-ship orders)
What inputs/support will I receive from Amazon to improve my sellers’ performance?
Amazon will share recommendations to manage your sellers’ accounts and to make them successful. Your responsibility will be to ensure that the sellers you on-board, act on these recommendations and hence sell more of their products.
What are major Don’ts for a partner?
You should not on-board any sellers without interaction and having established that the seller is genuine and interested to sell on Amazon
- You should not create seller id and password on seller’s behalf
- You should validate all seller details before you create seller’s account on Amazon
- You should get an email confirmation from the seller on the products, price and quantity that are uploaded on the seller’s account
- You should not make any changes to the seller’s account without seller’s consent
- You should not fill in privileged data like seller’s bank details, GST/PAN details on seller’s behalf
- You should not use your/your employee’s contact number at any stage during seller’s registration/on-boarding process, as it can lead to seller’s account getting suspended and is considered as a non-compliant with Amazon policies
Am I working for Amazon or the Seller?
Neither. You are a consultant offering your services to sellers who wish to list their products or are listing their products on Amazon helps you get trained and certified so that you can offer high quality services to such businesses.