Hassle-free Inbound with FBA Inbound Pickup Service

FBA Inbound Pickup Service is aimed at offering a hassle-free and an integrated inbound experience (from appointment scheduling to delivery) through Amazon's affiliate carrier entity i.e. Amazon Transportation Services Private Limited ("Amazon's carrier") that is reliable, compliant and technology-enabled for a world class transportation experience

How it works

Any registered FBA seller can choose to send a shipment to fulfilment center using FBA Inbound Pickup Service. Below are the guidelines to schedule a pickup with the FBA Inbound Pickup Service on Seller Central.

Scheduling Pickup

Step 1

Select ‘FBA Inbound Pickup Service’ while creating an FBA inbound shipment

Step 2

Enter the box details and select ‘Freight ready date and time’ for pickup

Step 3

Accept the estimated charges and the pickup is scheduled for the selected date and time slot

Pickup Process

Step 4

A pickup appointment confirmation is sent through email and SMS

Step 5

On the day of pickup, you will get a call from an Amazon associate to confirm your availability

Step 6

Hand-over the packed and labelled packages to the Amazon associate

Cancel A Pickup

In case you have a change in plan and you need to cancel the scheduled pickup appointment, you can always do that with a single click on Seller Central up to one hour before the scheduled pick-up time.

Benefits of using FBA Inbound Pickup Service

Prime Benefits - Amazon Prime Badge
Safe, timely and trustworthy
transportation service at competitive shipment rates from Amazon's carrier
Prime Benefits - Amazon Prime Badge
No appointment scheduling
through CARP would mean you can focus more on managing your business with Amazon
Prime Benefits - Amazon Prime Badge
Convenient door pickup
from your premises at a time slot of your choice
Prime Benefits - Amazon Prime Badge
Easy tracking
on Seller Central with complete integration of Amazon and carrier systems
Prime Benefits - Amazon Prime Badge
Faster inbound
(no refusal) at fulfillment centres
Prime Benefits - Amazon Prime Badge
Hassle-free cancellation
until one hour before the pickup time
Prime Benefits - Amazon Prime Badge
Automatic billing
and complete integration with your Seller Central account
Prime Benefits - Amazon Prime Badge
Amazon guarantee
or in-transit losses / damages as per the FBA Inbound Pickup Service Lost and Damaged policy

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use FBA Inbound Pickup Service to transport shipments to the fulfillment centre?
You can opt for FBA Inbound Pickup Service during the inbound shipment creation workflow on Seller Central. You would need to provide the total box count, weight and dimension of each box and the pick-up slot. Once you accept the estimated charges and print shipping labels for each box, the shipment is confirmed to be picked from your premises and delivered to the fulfillment centre by our associate.
As an FBA Seller, am I required to use FBA Inbound Pickup Service for all inbound shipments?
No. For each inbound shipment that you create, you will have an option of either using your own carrier or Amazon's Carrier (FBA Inbound Pickup Service).
What am I expected to do in case of exceptions such as – 1) Shipment not picked up on time, 2) Packages picked-up but not delivered on time, 3) In-transit damages?
You can contact the Amazon Seller Support team in such cases and we will try to resolve it immediately. Click here to the raise a concern with Seller Support team
Where can I track the shipments sent through this service?
You can track the shipment status on Seller Central soon after pickup has been completed.
What are my responsibilities while shipping the products through this program?
You should make sure that the products are packed in a transport-worthy condition before the scheduled pickup time. You are required to prepare the packages and print the shipping labels from Seller Central and hand over the shipment to the Amazon Delivery Associate. The Delivery Associate will reject a package if any of the above requirements are not met.
Certain states require additional regulatory documents such as E-sugam number, Stock Transfer Note/challan number etc.; these will also have to be provided by you. Information on what documents are required and how you can obtain them will be provided on Seller Central.
Can I use FBA Inbound Pickup service to ship inbound shipments from multiple locations?
Yes, you can select a different pick-up location for each inbound shipment by using the “Ship From” option.
I ship my products to Amazon directly from manufacturers and other distributors. Can I still use the FBA Inbound Pickup service and benefit from the discounted rates?
Yes. You can use the FBA Inbound Pickup Service even when you are shipping directly from the manufacturer or supplier. All you need is the shipment details while creating the shipment in Seller Central. For example, if you want to use the FBA Inbound Pickup Service, you need to know the number of boxes, weight and dimension of each box to be able to calculate the rate and print shipping labels. Once you print the labels, you need to send those labels to your manufacturer/supplier. Please also make sure to enter the manufacturer’s address as the "Ship From" location.
How do I get charged for FBA Inbound Pickup service by Amazon?
FBA Inbound Pickup Service fees will be charged under a fee head – “Inbound Transportation Fee” and the receivable will be booked one hour before the pick-up slot chosen by the Seller on Seller Central. This fee will be accounted for, charged and deducted in a similar way as we account for FBA fees, and will be deducted at the time of disbursement.
The estimated fees will be displayed at the time of inbound-shipment creation, and the fees will also be available on the payment reports in Seller Central.
How much time will it take for the shipment to reach Amazon warehouse after the pickup?
It will take two days for intra-city shipments and three-five days for inter-city/inter-state shipments to reach the Amazon warehouse after the pickup.
What happens if the weight and volume provided by me differs from the actual weight and volume?
We perform manual audits to track the variance in weight and volume and accordingly take action against repeat offenders. If you under-report the weight and dimensions, the shipment might be rejected at the pickup time or at the time of delivery at one of our fulfillment centres. Also, the difference in estimated cost and actual cost will may be deducted from your account if Amazon's carrier determines that the actual shipment weight and/or package dimensions are different from the weight and/or dimensions provided by you on Seller Central.
What happens if part or whole of the shipment is lost or damaged during transit?
If part or whole of shipment is lost or damaged during the transit, you would need to contact Amazon Seller Support. If the part or whole of shipment parcels cannot be traced and is deemed lost, Amazon will compensate you up to a pre-defined maximum amount. For high value items, you are expected to self-insure the products shipped using Amazon Inbound Pickup Service. In a future, we will offer insurance to Sellers as a value added service. Click Here for more details (link accessible to only Amazon registered sellers).
Which categories are supported through FBA Inbound Pickup Service?
Products that are restricted under Amazon policies (such as hazmat) cannot be shipped through the program. In addition there may be additional restrictions from Amazon's carrier. Details on products that cannot be transported using the Amazon Inbound Pickup Service are available here (link accessible to only Amazon registerd sellers).
Are there any restrictions for a shipment sent through this service?
You can send a maximum of 99 cartons per shipment. If the weight of a carton exceeds 15 kg, it must be labelled "Heavy Weight" by you on the carton. Each carton within a shipment can be a maximum of 18 Kg with dimension restrictions of 70 cm x 70 cm x 45 cm. The collective weight of the overall shipment can be a maximum of 999 Kgs. Given the B2B nature of the shipment; we do not have value restrictions for a shipment.
What happens if part or whole of the shipment is rejected by the fulfillment centre?
The only case wherein fulfillment centres will reject a shipment is when the inbound vehicles do not comply with the safety standards. In such cases, the carrier will re-attempt the delivery and will make sure that it is safety compliant.
Where can I check pick-up coverage under this service?
To get list of pin codes covered and available fulfillment centres under the FBA Inbound PIckup Service, click here ( link accessible to only Amazon registered sellers).

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