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Amazon takes complete responsibility of delivering the product in the best condition to the customer by or before the time promised for delivery.
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What is Amazon Easy-Ship?

Amazon Easy Ship is a delivery service for sellers. When you choose Amazon Easy Ship, your orders are picked up from your location by an Amazon Logistics delivery associate and delivered to the buyers' doorstep with minimal effort from you.

Easy Ship allows your customers to track their orders and delivery date. Buyers also get an option to pay for orders at the time of delivery using the Pay on Delivery (also known as Cash on Delivery) feature through Easy Ship. The funds for the orders are deposited directly to your bank account.
Ideal for: Using Easy-Ship will make sense if you have your own warehouse and are selling a large variety of products with tighter margins and want to leave delivery work to Amazon.

How does Amazon Easy-Ship work?

Amazon Easy-Ship can help eliminate your delivery headaches and help you scale your business.

Step 1

Register as a seller and list your products
Register as an Seller and login to Seller Central to set up your account. Update your business details and add your product listings either through our easy-to-use listing tools on Seller Central or through the Seller App.

Step 2

Store your products in your warehouse and provide the address to Amazon for pickups
Once you've listed your products, store your products in your warehouse. In your Seller Central Easy Ship settings, you can provide the address of your warehouse for easy pick-ups by our Amazon Logistics delivery associate.

Step 3

Get orders for your products
When customers order from you on, you get a notification of the order via email, Seller Central, and SMS. You can then schedule the pickup and keep the product packed according to Amazon guidelines and ready for pickup. You can even use Amazon packaging material.

Step 4

Amazon delivers your products to customers
Through our world class fulfillment network delivering to 99% of India's pin codes, we will deliver your products to the customer quickly and reliably. Your customers can also track their orders. Happy customers mean a better chance to receive a 5-star rating and more orders.
We regularly host free Webinars about Amazon Easy Ship, how it works and choosing the right delivery method for you
Shifting to Easy-Ship, all our hassles were being taken care of and tracking was fantastic. We also started doing cash on delivery which was not there earlier.
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Benefits of Amazon Easy-Ship

Easy-Ship Benefits - Stress free shipping
Stress free shipping
By choosing Amazon Easy-Ship, you can ship your products within the comfort of your home or office.
Easy-Ship Benefits - Pickup from your address
Pickup from your address
With Amazon Easy-Ship, we offer you the convenience of picking up the shipment from your pick up address.
Easy-Ship Benefits - Custom Packaging
Custom Packaging
You can purchase Amazon packaging material to wrap your products or you can also use your own packaging material.
Easy-Ship Benefits - Pay on Delivery
Pay on Delivery payments
Your Easy Ship orders will be enabled with Pay on Delivery (also known as Cash on Delivery), which is extensively used in India. The amount is deposited directly in your bank account.
Looking for more? We can also take care of packing & storage along with delivery

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