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Ever find yourself buried under the weight of various tasks such as product research, filling out tax forms, order processing, or maybe inventory management, analytics, and reporting, automated pricing, etc.? Or perhaps, are you also stuck in time-consuming and tedious tasks that aren’t allowing you to focus on the growth of your business? Well, your one-stop solution is here - Selling Partner Appstore

What is SPA?

Selling Partner Appstore
Selling Partner Appstore
SPA also known as Selling Partner Appstore is a portal made available by Amazon within seller central that allows sellers registered on ("Marketplace") to explore third-party apps ("Apps") and helps them to automate, manage, and grow their business.

How? SPA allows sellers to explore 3,000+ worldwide Apps, details of which are available on the SPA. Before displaying the App on SPA, each App is vetted to ensure it's compliance with the Amazon's Data Protection Policy and Accepted Use Policy. Available globally across 20+ Amazon marketplaces with 1.4MM+ sellers using it, SPA is the map to finding tailored solutions for your unique business needs. What sets it even more apart is that it allows sellers to search and filter across 17+ App categories to sort their business requirements and find the best fit app.
Did You Know?
On an average, worldwide sellers see a 10% uplift in sales after adopting Apps available on the SPA
Sales uplift after app adoption
Sales uplift after app adoption
Ranging from Apps providing automated pricing tools and listing tools to Apps for managing shipping and tax compliances, SPA introduces you to a league of numerous Apps that focus on liberating you from the chains of various tedious manual tasks. For instance, Apps like 'Shipyaari' enable sellers to seamlessly integrate their seller account with its shipping solutions for automated fulfilment self-ship orders. Similarly, ‘Vinculum’s AI-based listing tool helps sellers in auto-publishing their catalog on Amazon.

Why do Amazon sellers need SPA?

On an average, worldwide sellers that use Apps providing listing tools, list their products 37% faster. While this is a huge benefit, there are many other benefits, as quoted by different sellers, to showcase how SPA helps sellers in providing automated solutions to their unique business requirements
Faster listing using apps
Faster listing using apps
"I have been using the Inventory, Report, Order and Product APIs for more than 2 years now. API helps us in getting things done, even with a small team size. We plan our inventory better, replenish our FBA inventory on time and sync our MFN inventory, thanks to the MWS API service. It saves us a lot of time and we plan everything related to Amazon a lot better now"
- says a luggage and bags category seller

Ranging across numerous categories like listing products, optimizing advertising, streamlining accounting, managing inventory, and much more, SPA offers strategic insights to optimize your business needs to the best. Using Apps that help you streamline your different business tasks, can help in giving your business a chance to see positive outcomes and improved performance metrics. For instance, generally it has been seen that worldwide sellers have been able to reduce their cost of returns by 50% with improved customer knowledge and reviews using Apps that enhance their chance of receiving customer feedback and reviews.

Moreover, SPA also provides a section with names of recommended Apps to assist sellers in the intricate process of choosing, comparing, and seamlessly integrating Apps into their business operations that meet their requirements. Time-saving is another pivotal benefit of the SPA experience. On an average, worldwide sellers that use Apps experience a 43% shorter time to first sale after listing.

Also, with its above-discussed intricate features SPA allows sellers to gain valuable insights that serve as a guidepost for one’s own business decisions. Be it rating and reviews or filters (that allow sellers to refine Apps search results as per their requirements), SPA is built to empower sellers with the knowledge they need to make confident and informed decisions for using an App.

How to use SPA?

Built conveniently and efficiently, it’s super easy to use SPA for sellers. Here’s the process:

1. Visit the Selling Partner Appstore home page and log in to your seller central account.

2. Browse or search using keywords to find the right solution for your business. You can also discover the 'Trending Apps' and/or 'Recommended Apps' section.

3. Using filters, narrow your search results, by price, star rating, or other options to find what you need.

4. Browse results and quickly understand the App from the short description.
5. Once you find the solution you’re interested in, visit the detail page to learn more.

6. Visit the App's link for more information.

7. Authorize the App to access your data by clicking the “Authorize Now” button on the detail page.
Elevate your seller experience by visiting the Selling Partner Appstore today !

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Amazon check Apps?
Amazon has a vetting process for all Apps, the details of which are displayed on the SPA to make sure they comply with Amazon’s Acceptable Use Policy and Data Protection Policy. The Acceptable Use Policy guides Apps on what they can and cannot do, such as they must be clear with their users what data they are accessing and for what purpose, they must comply with the applicable data protection laws, and much more.
Does it gets ensured that sellers’ data is safe?
Yes, The Apps are required to follow the Amazon’s Data Protection Policy, which governs the receipt, storage, usage, transfer, and disposal of information. It covers everything from what Apps must do to protect their own networks from bad actors, to how they treat data within their organizations.
Where can I get help for the App I am using?
You can easily reach out directly to the App developer for technical support or customer service related to the App usage. Amazon is not involved in this process. Sellers are encouraged to leave ratings and reviews for apps in the SPA.
What's the cost of Apps?
Each App developer determines their own prices. You may find this on the specific App detail page for each and every App
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