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Amazon वर सेलिंग साठी नवशिक्यांचे मार्गदर्शक
तुम्हाला सह तुमच्या ऑनलाइन सेलिंग प्रवासात मदत करण्यासाठी वन-स्टॉप मार्गदर्शक

What is 'Local Shops on Amazon'?

‘Local Shops on Amazon’ is a program that lets you register your physical store on and sell to more customers in your local area. With Local Shops on Amazon, you get access to the ‘Prime Badge’ that helps customers in your locality discover you faster through!

Thousands of shopkeepers, from across the country, are already taking advantage of the program to showcase a wide range of products, ranging from consumer electronics, mattresses, and kitchen items to grocery/kirana and consumables, apparel and shoes, and even fresh flowers and cakes.
To be a seller on Local Shops on Amazon you need to:
  • Own a physical store/retail store/ kirana shop in any part of the country.
  • Arrange for delivering orders same day/next day to customers in your area (through your own delivery associates or a courier partner).
  • Have the ability to provide additional services such as demo or installation (if applicable) during delivery. This is not mandatory for the program
Amazon Prime Badge

Amazon jargon:

Prime Badge

Prime Badge is offered to Prime Sellers who enjoy special services by subscribing to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), Local Shops on Amazon, or Seller Flex. A Prime Badge helps you seamlessly store and ship your products and sell your products on Prime Day.

Benefits of Local Shops program

Local Shops Benefits - Increased Visibility

Increase visibility

Local customers discover your products faster due to the Prime Badge
Local Shops Benefits - Boost sales

Boost sales

Grow your business and supplement income with increased orders
Local Shops Benefits - Flexibility


Deliver orders yourself or through third-party carriers and offer value-added services

How Local Shops on Amazon works

Create account


Create an account for selling on
Upload product details


Upload your product details and set price
Choose areas to sell


Choose the areas/region that you want to get orders from; where you can deliver the orders either same day, next day or maximum in 2 days
Deliver your orders


Deliver orders to customers when you get orders from them
Grow as an Amazon seller


Sit back and see your business grow as Amazon helps you get more customers and handles all customer queries

Installation guide to the Amazon Delivery App (SOLO)

What is Amazon Delivery App?
The “Amazon Delivery App” enables delivery personnel of the self-ship sellers to mark scans such as pickups and deliveries against your Self Ship orders.
How to install the Amazon Delivery App?
Pre-requisites (must haves)
You (seller) have a selling account on Amazon Seller Central
Your Delivery Personnel is registered on as a buyer
Your Delivery Personnel has an Android device (version 6.0+, not available on iOS)

Step 1

Ensure all your delivery personnel have registered on as a customer (Your delivery personnel can use this link here to register, if not already registered)

Step 2

Log into Amazon Seller Central and go to Settings> Account Info > Buy Shipping Preferences. Click on Add New Address button to save your business address
Note : If the address updated here does not match the address updated in Manage GST detail page, your Delivery Personnel will not be able to use the Amazon Delivery App

Step 3

Go to Settings > User Permissions and under Delivery Permissions section, enter your DP’s Name, E-mail Address (registered on as a buyer) and click on Invite. It is your responsibility to ensure the correct name and email address of your delivery personnel are entered in the appropriate fields.
Add business address
Invite Delivery Personnel
Please note, you are required to provide this guide to your delivery personnel and ensure they follow these steps. Further, you are responsible for the actions of the delivery personnel mapped to your Seller Central Account.

Step 4

Your DP must click on the link sent to their E-mail ID (registered on to download the app as shown below
Delivery app invitation email
Delivery app invitation email
Sign in on
Sign in on

Step 5

Once logged in (as shown above), your DP will be prompted to download the installation file. The delivery personnel is then required to click on Download to download and install the app.
Download self delivery app
Click on Download
Installation for self delivery app
Choose "Install anyway"
Confirm installation of self delivery app
Choose install
How do I use the Amazon Delivery App?
The Amazon Delivery App allows your Delivery Personnel to mark Pickup, Delivered, Rejected and Undeliverable status for your Self Ship orders. For step-by-step instructions on how to use the Amazon Delivery App, please read Seller Central Help page and explain it to your delivery personnel or forward the link to the detailed walk-through/tutorial video here to your delivery personnel
How can I troubleshoot issues with Amazon Delivery App?
To troubleshoot commonly known issues with Amazon Delivery App, please refer Seller Central Help page.
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For more information on Local Shops on Amazon, please read help pages or contact Selling Partner Support for further assistance. For more information on Self Ship, please go through the help pages on Seller Central.
“Thanks to ‘Local Shops on Amazon’ program, we have been able to serve far more people in the city than we could have otherwise done. It is an overwhelming experience to have served customers during these challenging times.”
Arpit Raiweguarantee
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