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Your Guide to Certification Steps

Before you can trade in a new market, most countries demand that your products conform to national and international standards. As a result, your products need to be designed and tested so that they can be sold in your target countries. Certification is required to sell products to Indian Sellers or when selling to customers from FTZ. There are 3 steps for you, as a seller exploring to sell in India Marketplace, to get the product certificate:

Step 1

Check Certification Requirements

Connect with third party consultants online to check if your products needs to be certified
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Get free real time consultation to understand certification requirements

For sellers deciding to sell in India, this service helps you search if certification is required for your product by connecting with certification consultants online. It helps you gain access to world class experts on certification who can provide guidance using your preferred mode of communication, to give real time assistance.

All you have to do is get in touch with the third party consultants and chat with them to understand the certification requirements for India marketplace. The consultant will provide support in your regional language and help you understand the details of the required certificate.

Step 2

Verify Product Catalog

Amazon tools make listing your products across marketplaces fast and easy to manage
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Understand the certification requirements from the service provider to verify the final details

You need to verify the certification requirements before listing the products on This service allows you to get feedback from the third party service provider in less than 24 hours so you can start the certification application. It is important to verify the catalog products before applying for certificate to ensure you avail the right certificate.

All you need to do is submit your catalog with details mentioned in the required template. You will get certification support and answers from the service provider in one click.

Step 3

Apply for

Use Amazon's different fulfillment services to take care of shipping and fulfilling orders globally, or do it yourself
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Apply for product certification online and start selling to sellers in India or to customers through FTZ’s

Sellers with verified catalogs can apply for certification by getting all the details and submitting the required documents. The service provider will help you guide on the steps needed to avail the certificate.

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