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Enroll in Brand Registry to unlock brand-exclusive benefits

Enrolling in Brand Registry unlocks a suite of tools designed to protect and build your brand, creating a better experience for customers.
  • Showcase your brands unique features and build loyal customer base
  • Protect your brand and report violations
  • Leverage tools built by Amazon to grow your brand
If you already have an active registered or pending trademark, you can start the enrollment process now.
If you need help registering a trademark you may also apply for a trademark registration through any of the law firms listed on Amazon IP Accelerator. IP Accelerator connects businesses with a curated network of IP law firms which provide trademark registration services at competitive rates.

What brands are saying

Brand building programs such as Stores and A+ content has helped us better connect with customers. Through Brand Analytics tool, we get extremely valuable marketplace level insights and data. We know what's trending, and, more importantly, are able to track our growth
Ayush KothariCEO and Founder, Woodsala
Brand Registry is a must. With Report a Violation, you're protected from counterfeiters and bad actors attempting to take advantage of your intellectual property, including your images or logo
Sakar MohtaFounder, Medifiber

Build your brand with Amazon

Amazon Brand Registry unlocks an exclusive set of tools to brand owners to help improve conversion, drive discoverability and protect intellectual property.

Build your Brand

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A+ Content

A+ content helps businesses showcase their brand story and product features using rich text and images on the Amazon detail page to help drive conversion, and potentially increase traffic and sales.
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Stores is a free, self-service, branded destination on Amazon for advertisers to curate content that inspires, educates, and helps customers discover the brand’s product selection.
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Video Upload & Manage

Lights, camera, action, and sales! Shoppers spend more time when a video is available.
Shoppers who watch videos are 3.6x more likely to purchase.
Log in to Seller Central to access and learn more about product videos.
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Amazon Live

Engage shoppers in real time, and allow shoppers to follow your brand with Amazon Live.
Connect with customers, grow your followers, and showcase your products on Amazon Live.

Protect your Brand

Enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry activates proactive protections that stop infringing listings or inaccurate content. You also eceive access to brand protection tools that enable to better represent a brand and find and report violations.
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IP Accelerator

Obtain trademarks rights and expedite your access to brand building and protection benefits.
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Report a Violation

Detect and report intellectual property infringements or inaccurate listings. These reports strengthen automated protections that safeguard your brand.
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Proactively protect your brand and customers from counterfeit products, improve customer engagement, and identify supply chain defects.
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Project Zero

Access the unprecedented ability to immediately remove counterfeit listing - without the need to contact us.

Additional tools to unlock success

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Manage Your Experiments

Increase sales up to 25% with optimized content.

Take data backed decision to know which product content is better. Run experiments like A/B testing to see what content drives more sales.

Start experimenting with your product Images, Titles, and A+ Content
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Product Sampling

Generate samples for customers which are most aligned with the product's value proposition. Sampling program enables you to provide relevant customers with an opportunity to try out the products at INR 1.

Benefit from the increase in customer repeat purchase, in addition to potentially receiving closed loop customer feedback to fine-tune your product proposition to establish a product market fit.

Leverage sampling to drive down the cost of customer acquisition down and increase your brands visibility on's numerous web properties - such as the home page, the Sampling store, the category pages, etc.
Log in to Seller Central to Participate and learn more about running sampling campaign.
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Amazon Brand Analytics

Make informed and strategic decisions with powerful data. Learn More about customers, including search terms and more customer behaviour data reports, which can help you to make smarter, faster business decisions.
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Customer Reviews

Read your customers’ minds. Read and track all of your customer reviews in one place.
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Customer Feedback Analyzer

Understanding Customer Feedback made easy!

This tool helps you understand customer sentiment by grouping reviews and return comments into logical topics, and provides you the weight of each topic with relevant examples. Compare the comments made for your products vs the entire category. Use these insights to drive product impremovement and to bring down your return rate.
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