Subscription fee waiver for Amazon Global Selling

Amazon is offering first three-month subscription at a discounted price of $1 to India-based sellers who register with Amazon Global Selling. You pay a total of $1 for the first three month's subscription for first month and $0 for 2nd and 3rd month) instead of paying $39.99 per month and avail savings of $118.97).


• Be an India-based seller
• Register for the first time to sell on any of the following marketplaces: North America (the United States, Canada, and Mexico)

Complete your registration between Oct 4th, 2023 and Dec 31st, 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you charge me $1 as subscription fee for the first month when I meet the eligibility criteria?
The first month’s subscription fee is charged at a discounted price of $1 when you register for the first time to sell on Amazon Global Selling.. The fee will be waived for the second and third month after you register.
My business isn't based in India. Am I still eligible for the waiver?
No, this promotional offer is only for India-based sellers.
I already sell in one marketplace outside India. Will I get this fee waiver if I expand to other marketplaces?
No, this promotional offer is only for sellers who register for first time. The offer is for the following stores: the United States, Canada, amd Mexico. Complete your registration between between Oct 4, 2023 and Dec 31, 2024. You will not be able to avail this offer if you are already registered or selling in any one of the above-mentioned stores.
Do I still need to add my credit card details when I register?
Yes. $1 will be charged as ‘subscription fees’ for the first month on the credit card. Subscription fees for months after the promotional period is over will be also charged on the same credit card.
Where can I see my subscription fee details?
To see the subscription fee charges, log on to Amazon Seller Central. Select Payments from the Reports drop-down menu and click the Transaction view tab.
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