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What is Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF)?

Leverage Amazon’s best in class fulfillment network for all your off-Amazon orders

MCF is a nationwide integrated fulfilment solution for all your sales channels, including D2C (ecommerce), spanning across selling needs such as warehousing, inventory management, invoicing, logistics and customer delivery.

Take advantage of Amazon’s innovations in fulfilment & logistics, to provide a reliable and trustworthy experience for end shoppers and customers – no matter where they are, originating from
  • Directly through your own website
  • Online channel like social media store fronts
  • Or any other sales channels

Benefits of MCF

Delight your customers with end to end fulfilment network that powers Amazon

Chance to grow your business

Pan India coverage

Trusted fulfilment with 20k+ pin codes covered across India through our extensive logistics network
Chance to grow your business

Instant Scalability

Leverage Amazon's network of 43 million+ Cu ft space pan India to scale your business without increasing fixed costs
Chance to grow your business

Best in class customer experience

Offer standard or expedited* delivery options using Amazon's 1950+ delivery stations with real-time tracking from order creation to delivery, enabled for you and your shoppers
*coming soon...
Chance to grow your business

Ease of Selling

Seamlessly connect MCF with your systems to automate entire order fulfillment process. Use Amazon's all in one fulfillment solution from doorstep inventory pickup to customer delivery

Features on MCF

One inventory for all sales channels
You can use existing FBA listings and inventory to fulfill all your off-Amazon orders
All in one fulfilment solution
We take care of everything- from doorstep inventory pickup, storage, placement, packaging, invoicing and fulfilment
Automated fulfilment
Seamlessly connect MCF with your back-end systems and automate the entire order fulfillment process
Real time tracking for customers
Fulfill and deliver orders, with real time tracking enabled for you and your shoppers

How MCF works?

Step 1
Send inventory to Amazon fulfilment centers (FC)
Step 2
Amazon receives and stores your inventory
Step 3
Customers order products on your website or other sales channels
Step 4
Amazon packs and ships your order with invoice
Step 5
Amazon delivers your product

Automate your entire fulfillment process

Optimize your end to end order fulfillment, including D2C, from online checkout to your customers’ doorsteps with our APIs

View available inventory

Check inventory in FBA fulfillment centers using getInventorySummaries API

Build your cart

Showcase shipping options and estimated delivery date on your website using getFulfillmentPreview API

Request order fulfilment

Create MCF fulfillment requests using createFulfillmentOrder API

View order Summary

Get details of orders in bulk using listAllFulfillmentOrders or individually using getFulfillmentOrder API

Real time tracking

Track orders and display the information to your customers using getPackageTrackingDetails API

Manage your order

Request Amazon to stop attempting to fulfill an order using cancelFulfillmentOrder API

Download invoice

Download customer tax invoices in bulk using FBA Bulk Invoice API
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Here's what our sellers say

Amazon MCF has taken a huge burden off my shoulders. I used to spend 50% of my time on logistics and warehousing, but now I have to spend only 5%
Bandu Pawar,Director, Sangola Agro Products
We signed up MCF and it has considerably improved our business. MCF has simplified warehousing, packing and logistic handling
Jayanshu Chaturvedi,Director, Jai Ingredients
We are able to deliver the orders in just 2 days as compared to fulfillment through third party channels which takes about 7-8 days. This also helps in cutting down on order cancellation
Dhaval Jentibhai HiraparaOwner - Gloxy Enterprises

Here's what our partners say

Multi-channel fulfilment (MCF) integrations has been a key feature ask from our clients and partners. These APIs empower us to integrate and inject MCF fulfilment requests in real time as soon as we receive orders from our D2C customers, helps to manage and track orders in real time, and download invoices. The reliability and scalability of these APIs streamlines operations and speeds up delivery, boosting customer satisfaction, allowing our partners to focus on business growth
Sushant Puri,ANS Commerce, 1st Integrator

Getting started

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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started
What is Multi-Channel fulfillment(MCF)?
MCF is a nationwide integrated fulfilment solution for all your sales channels, spanning across warehousing, inventory management, invoicing, logistics and customer delivery.
What are the requirements to sign up to MCF?
To sign-up for MCF you are required to have an active Amazon seller central account registered in the FBA program, and an active FBA listing with inventory.
How do I sign-up to MCF?
If you're already an FBA seller on Amazon, you can sign up for MCF through a single click sign-up, here. In case you're new to Amazon, you would need to create a seller central account and sign up, here.
What measures Amazon takes to ensure D2C brands' data and customer information remain secure and confidential?
Amazon adheres to strict data protection protocols to ensure the confidentiality and security of D2C brands' data. We ensure the MCF sales and customer related information is not leveraged for any upsell activities. Additionally, Amazon employs robust encryption and compliance measures to safeguard both customer and sales information, ensuring the highest levels of protection.
Does Amazon provide Customer Service?
Amazon does not provide customer service for your MCF fulfillment requests. As the sale happens on your website or other sales channels, we encourage the sellers to take care of customer queries. For fulfilment related queries, Amazon provides real time tracking details.
Does Amazon offer customer returns and customer rejects service as part of MCF?
If an item delivered pursuant to an MCF fulfillment request is rejected by a customer prior to delivery, Amazon will return the item back to your FBA FC inventory. However, once the item has been delivered, and the customer requests for a return, you are required to facilitate the return.
How to create an MCF order?
Create your MCF order through the quick order form, bulk upload or through API. Learn how to create an order here.
What is the dimension and weight limit for MCF ordered items?
MCF services are available for all sizes except ‘heavy & bulky’. Learn more about size classifications by clicking here.
How will my customer track an MCF order?
Once products under an MCF fulfillment request are dispatched, Amazon will email you and your customer a tracking ID, and link to track the order in real time. You can also track real time order status through automated API integrations or in bulk through Seller Central reports.
What are the charges for availing MCF?
Amazon charges you an MCF fee based on weight of the shipment dispatched. You can view the MCF rate card here. Please note, non-transactional FBA fee (such as the ones mentioned in the FAQ below) will still apply.
What FBA charges are applicable for MCF?
Although Amazon charges you a single MCF fee for your MCF fulfillment requests, FBA non-transactional fees like transportation fee, monthly storage fees, long term storage fees and removal fees are applicable as per current FBA rates, which can be viewed here.
Does Amazon reimburse for items lost in an MCF order?
You are eligible for reimbursements on your MCF fulfillment requests if we determine that the products have been lost solely due to our acts / omissions. You are required to raise a claim to SPS post 14 days of the promised delivery date. Learn more here.
Does Amazon reimburse for items damaged as part of an MCF order?
Amazon provides an amount as damage allowance on a monthly basis to compensate for items that are found to be damaged in transit (after reaching the purchaser), materially different from the item for which the fulfillment request was placed, or missing accessories. You are not required to raise any claims on damaged orders, learn more here. Additionally, you will not be entitled to receive any reimbursements on the abovementioned grounds
What operations are possible through APIs?
APIs allow you to view inventory in fulfillment centers, preview shipping speeds and estimate delivery date, and facilitate end-to-end order management including creation, real time tracking, modification, cancellation, and invoice download.
How can my customers track orders fulfilled by Amazon?
Integrate your website with real time order tracking API. On top of this, Amazon will send emails with tracking ID links to both you and your customers.
Can I create orders manually and experience the offering without integrating through APIs?
Yes, you can place single or bulk orders manually using options available on Seller Central. Visit to get started.
How to display estimated delivery date to my customers?
Display estimated delivery date on your website to your customers by integrating with Preview and Tracking APIs.
Where can I find documentation details for APIs?
Search and find detailed use case API documents on
a. Track inventory availability: GetInventorySummaries
b. MCF order creation, tracking and management: Fulfillment Outbound API
c. Download invoice: FBA Bulk Invoice

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Grow your business with Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF)

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