Selling handicrafts online: Here’s why the handicraft industry will always be in demand

Find out some of the most sought-after handicrafts and reasons why they are a good way to go forward

by Ayesha Siddiqa on 15/02/2018
Selling handicrafts online
Handicrafts are a creative representation of a group of people or a particular region. This industry helps strengthen the economy of the region. Due to globalisation, Indian handicrafts are recognised all over the world. There is also a sense of awareness about this age old industry because of social media that connects people across the globe. Due to more and more people recognising the worth of this art, handicraft industry is booming and how. Some of the most sought-after handicrafts from India are:

Wooden carvings
Cane/Bamboo works
Local/Tribal art

These are just some of the examples of handicrafts that are in demand in India and overseas. So what is it that really works in favour of this industry? Mentioned below are some reasons why a handicraft business is a good way to go forward:

Low capital investment: About 90% of handicraft industry is cottage-based and decentralised*. One can start a handicraft industry with minimal investment and a regional area. The local artisans, more often than not, work on meagre incomes and marginal profits. By opening a handicraft industry in a local area, you not only benefit yourself and your business, but also the employ the artisans and help them get recognised.

High consumer demand:
Whether it is to promote local artisans, own something unique or an aversion towards mass-produced products, consumers want to buy more handcrafted items than ever before. Customers are more aware and cannot be fooled, so when they see value in some product, they buy it. The sheer hard work and skill that goes into artistically creating each piece convinces people to spend their money on it. Artists and business owners can cash in on this opportunity.

Available locally: If you do not want to start your own industry, but collaborate with existing and established artists, sourcing handicrafts is easy. They are readily available in local markets. This is a good proposition, as artists look to tie-up with business partners who can help them sell their art and create a successful business venture. Be it chikankaari kurtis from Lucknow, wooden toys from Channapatna, gota handicrafts from Rajasthan or cashmere shawls from Jammu and Kashmir, sourcing local handicrafts is extremely easy.

Large product variety: India is a land of diversity, which shows in the handicrafts we produce. Every region has its own unique ethnicity and that translates into variety of options for handicraft retailers. As a result, you can diversify your product offering. Therefore, even if one product doesn’t work in the market, you have other products to experiment and grow with.

Global market: Handicraft export has seen a steady rise in the last few years because of ease of online shopping. Between 2014 and 2015 handicraft export was estimated at a whopping US$ 4.5 billion*. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that over the years this number has only grown. Local artisans are exporting their work to countries like USA, UK, Germany and Middle East and monetizing on the demand.

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*Source: - Importance of the Handicraft Industry
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