Tips and tricks we have been following for selling on Amazon.

Hi Fellow Sellers,

I really hope you all are doing well. This post is regarding my experience of selling on Amazon. We have been associated with Amazon since April 2014 and are now able to provide livelihood to nearly 50 artisans only through our online selling journey. Every year we experience a growth on Amazon and therefore thought of sharing my experience with you all -

Some of the things which we follow regularly are:

1) Bring in the new selection

When Customers come on Amazon and reach your brand store, it becomes important for you to showcase new products and fresh launches every time they visit your Amazon brand store. Don’t limit yourself only to bestsellers, rather add and showcase your new selection regularly and create bestsellers out of them as well.

2) Improving the quality of your product details page

This is the most important factor which will help you generate good sales. When a Customer visits Amazon product details page, based upon the information displayed, he/she makes the buying decision. It is therefore quite important to improve the product details page so as to increase the conversion rate and also to lower the post sales returns. Some practices to follow:

a) Improving Image Quality – Use High Quality Images covering almost all the product angles. Use Lifestyle Images (in secondary images) if possible. This give customers a better picture before buying the product.
b) Improving Product Title - Write the product title wisely so as to include all the important product details. Customers read the product title from the search results itself before they click on your listing.
c) Clearly write the Product Features in Bullet Points - Bullet Points should be both incredibly detailed and also should include a lot of keywords which will help your product show in Customer’s search results.
d) A sellable Product description - Do not stuff your listings with just words rather sell the benefits of your products. Every time we write a description, we put ourselves in customer’s shoes and understand whether based on this product description, we would buy this product or not.
e) Leverage the benefits of Enhanced Brand Content - Convert Listings to A+ Listings. The EBC gives more wide view of the product to the Customer. More images and elaborated product descriptions give you the space to tell your product’s story in a more engaging way. As a brand owner, telling your brand’s story and connecting with your buyers builds brand awareness and loyalty. It differentiates you from the competition and can encourage repeat purchases.

3) Understanding Amazon’s Search Results or the “A9” Algorithm

Since Amazon is an open marketplace with millions of products, your listings needs to appear at top in order for it to reach the Customers. Amazon’s search pulls relevant results from their catalogue and then they rank them according to relevancy. Therefore, it is important to align your listings as per the Amazon’s search algorithm in order for them to appear in Customer’s search results and good keywords can help in this.

• A keyword is a specific phrase or sentence that customers type into the search engine to look up products on Amazon’s portal. A product listing rich in keywords has a higher chance of appearing in search results for multiple queries, increasing traffic and sales opportunity.
• The major and general keywords will have a lot of competition yet generate the most traffic. Try to add more specific keywords. They might generate lesser traffic but typically have higher click-through rates, as the traffic is more focused.
• Your “Product Title” and “Bullet Points” are your potential keywords. Apart from adding keywords in Product Title, bullet points etc., please try to add maximum of them (from a Customer’s point of view) at backend in the “Search Terms” tab.

4) Consider FBA

When you ship your products to Amazon FC, you do not have to worry anymore about the pick and pack process. This way you can focus entirely on your core business rather than being occupied only in operational tasks. Amazon’s Prime tag helps in increasing the Customer’s trust for your brand along with an increase in product visibility which means higher Sales.

With FBA, we get the benefit of cost effective shipping charges and at the same time our products instantly become eligible for all the PIN Codes across country. One Day and Two Day delivery program also ensures repeat sales with many Customers.

Sending our goods to FBA also means that we do not have to worry about the hassle of returns as Amazon FBA also handles all the return process for us. They manage customer inquiries, return shipping labels and reverse logistics. Also, the FBA listings are clicked & purchased more by Customers, which increases its Amazon Page Rank thus making it better than other listings & appearing more frequently in the search results.

Apart from potentially unlimited storage space to store your goods for any of the sale events, FBA staff is also well trained in packing and dispatching the goods neatly. We have received many positive feedback and positive Customer reviews stating that the products were packed neatly and delivered well before the time.

5) Advertising

As Amazon is an open marketplace with millions of products and many products being added daily, using Amazon’s sponsored Ads will lead to higher visibility of your products in the Amazon search results and the best part is that you will be charged only when a shopper clicks on your ad and not for the impressions.

Sponsored Products can help bring awareness to even to the newly launched products by getting them in front of more potential customers. You can either create automatic targeting campaigns where based upon your listing data, Amazon will place your ASINs in the relevant search results or you can go for a manual product targeting wherein you enter certain keywords and your listings will appear when Customer searches for those Keywords. However, a mix and match of both the types is preferred.
We always advertise our products and brand on Amazon. Consider this as a way to increase your product’s page rank which can bring your product in search results even when not being advertised. Sales history is a strong ranking factor for search results. If a product sells better, then next time Amazon will place it higher up in the ranking of search results.
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