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06/25/2020 | 6 MIN.READ
Have you been selling for a long time? Do you want to stand a chance at increasing your sales in your area? If so, then launching an online store could be the answer. The online shopping landscape is not easy, but we can help you out. Here are some good reasons why you should register with us.

• Lots of competition between online marketplaces
• Saturated product markets
• Buyers want more convenience

People prefer shopping online because it’s convenient, simple, and really fast and there are hundreds of choices available. Selling online can lead to a lot of good things. You get more customers by expanding sales outside of your brick-and-mortar store. You can even improve how your product is presented.

Those are the advantages for the buyer. But did you know that a seller can benefit the same way? You can look forward to certain plus points when you register as a seller on Amazon. If you have items ready for purchase, now is perhaps the best time to sell it online. Before that, you have one more big decision to make – choosing an eCommerce marketplace or building your own store.

Be a part of an online marketplace

We can give you some ideas on using an online marketplace. It is maybe, the easiest option. The registration process is very simple, and you can begin sales as quickly as possible. Here are some reasons why it could work for you!!

• Enroll through a user-friendly and easy process, just by clicking on each step.
• Minimal documents required for registration – and verification is completed in a few days.
• No worries about shipping – make use of our iconic Amazon branded boxes.
• You can save on marketing costs and still have access to millions of customers daily.

Are you planning on starting a wholesale or retail venture? Then selling online can be a faster way to reach buyers and complete sales targets.

Think of the online marketplace as a virtual mall, where people from all over India have something for sale.

How to register on Amazon

You start at the Amazon seller homepage, where you have the option of signing up as a seller by providing some information about you, your item, your business. All data entered in by you will be verified by us during the registration process.

Some of the personal data that needs to be provided by you and verified by us during our seller registration process include:

• Phone Number
• Name
• Email ID
• Business address – this will be used as a pickup address
• Product categories that fit your interest or item
• Documents for registering your business
• Documents for registering tax information

Once you have all the necessary documents, log on our website here to begin this process. Here is our ultimate guide on how to register as a seller on Amazon.

Login and Phone Verification

• Click on the button that says ‘Start Selling’.
• Next you have to login using your existing Amazon account. If not, then you must create a new account.
• After logging in, verify your phone number with the provided OTP.

Seller and Business Information

• Next is the Seller Information page where you tell us about your store name, choose your primary product category and enter in an address.
• After clicking on ‘Submit’ you will be given more options to receive WhatsApp notifications, a verification stating that your pin code is eligible for Amazon Easy ship facility.
• Both are optional and you can enter in an alternate address at this point.

Seller Accounts Verification

• Click on ‘Next’ and you are taken to a Two-Step Verification account security protocol.
• Here can choose either your preferred 2SV authenticator mode - phone number, SMS, voice delivery or calls or an Authenticator App.
• Click on 'Continue' to complete this verification step.
• Now you are shown a self-help guide for 'Legacy device Sign-In method' - follow the steps if your device is unable to display a second screen prompting you to enter the OTP.
• You may choose to suppress future OTP challenges by selecting "Don't require OTP on this browser".

Tax Details Updating

• First select the correct option – if you have a GST number, sell in GST Exempted Category, have never registered for GST or have it handy and will update later.
• Each option gives you more information to help you decide and you have to enter in your GST or PAN number as required.

The Seller Dashboard

• Here you can manage your product listing, by uploading a file to add multiple products, add or remove categories, and see more on Amazon's Charges.
• Next adjust your Easy Ship charges, offer free shipping, or set a fee as per your preference.
• Update your bank account details including account name, number, type and finish IFSC verification.
• Enter in your tax details which include your PAN and GST.
• Set your default product tax code, this is used by Seller Central Account tax calculation system to calculate the tax on the products or services a seller lists on the marketplace.
• Add your digital signature by uploading in jpeg or jpg format image or draw your signature on the screen and click 'Confirm'.

Simplifying online selling

We understand your concerns – is such a marketplace a good match for your company? Would it make any difference to your sales or brand image?

These benefits shown here give you an idea of how business could be lighter, simpler when you are online and how you can potentially build your sales figures, irrespective of whether you are a new or experienced seller.

To help you decide, we have put together an outlook on what perks you get after completing your amazon seller registration. This covers important points like shipping, returns, payout process, delivery steps and product upload.

• First you list your product on our website by uploading several images of your product. You can add specific product descriptions, benefits, usage patterns, and images taken from all angles.
• Next, your product goes live on the website for sale visible to buyers looking for it.
• When your product is purchased by a customer, you get an instant notification from Amazon to schedule a suitable timing for doorstep pickup of the said order.
• You receive your payment within 7 working days from the date of shipping, deposited into your registered bank account.
• The buyers will inspect your shipment at the time of delivery.
• Any returned product will be delivered to you within 2-4 working days with no extra charges.
• In case of loss or damage to your product, you will receive your sales proceeds from Amazon, irrespective of whether Amazon or the buyer is responsible for it.
• You get to post Ads (cost-per-click). Learn more about Amazon’s Sponsored Products here.

What are the costs you must bear?

Sellers are expected to pay a Shipping Fee, but only after the said item is sold from Along with that, you must pay a Selling Fee, which starts at 3% per item sold. This rate varies depending on the category of the item. Learn more about the fees here.
Now you have a clear idea of how a sale takes place once you register as a seller on Amazon, and the long term gains in store for your business. If you feel this is the best choice for you and your company, then you have to register with us.

Finally, click on the tab that says ‘Launch your business’ and start selling. Feel free to visit our help centre for any further assistance.
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