Selling online phrases explained in Marathi|ऑनलाईन व्यवसाय करण्यासाठी वाचा हे शब्दकोश

by Swati Bucha and Abhishek Ghorpade on 10/08/2017
Selling online phrases explained in Marathi|ऑनलाईन व्यवसाय करण्यासाठी वाचा हे शब्दकोश
In our previous blogs, we had explained common phrases of online selling in Hindi and Tamil– ऑनलाइन बिज़्नेस करने के लिए पढ़ें ये शब्दकोष and தமிழில் ஆன்லைன் விற்பனை சொற்றொடர்களின் விளக்கம். In this blog, we will help you with a few selling online phrases in Marathi. This will help you understand the common terms that are used when doing an online business.

Register: नोंदणी: आपले डीटेल (नाव, ईमेल, मोबाईल क्रमांक) भरा आणि पासवर्ड तयार करा

In order to sell on Amazon, the first step is to sign up yourself. When you register on Amazon, you need to fill up your basic details such as name, e-mail Id, bank account details, and postal address.

Listing/Cataloguing: Amazon वर वस्तू यादी आणि सूची तयार करा

Listing a product means uploading images and detailed information about your product on Amazon. To list your product on Amazon, you can choose one of the four methods to list on Amazon; scan your products to list, match your products to the existing list, use ‘Prepare your listings’ feature or ’Custom inventory template’ to list products in bulk.

Warehouse: गोदाम

Prior to the distribution of a product, you have to store your products at someplace, that place is called a warehouse. Amazon sellers have an option to keep their stock in Amazon’s warehouse (Fulfillment Center) using our Fulfillment by Amazon service.

Fulfillment by Amazon: Amazon सेवा ज्यात वस्तू गोदाम मध्ये संग्रहित आणि ग्राहकांना रवाना केले जातात

Fulfillment by Amazon lets Amazon sellers store their stock at the Amazon’s fulfilment centre. If you keep your stock with Amazon, you get the option where Amazon handles shipping, delivery, returns and customer service.

Inventory: स्टॉक, वस्तू जे आपण Amazon चे गोदाम आत ठेवले आहे

Inventory is the stock that you have at your own warehouse or Amazon’s Fulfillment Center.

Shipping & Delivery: ऑर्डर ग्राहक पर्यंत पाठवण्यासाठी

After you get an order for your product, you are supposed to deliver the product to the customer using a courier service. The process of doing so is called shipping. If you are an FBA seller, you need not do the shipping for, Amazon will take care of that. For sellers, who have their own warehouses, can choose Amazon’s Easy Ship service. With EasyShip you can sit back and relax as Amazon will collect the product from your doorstep and deliver it to your customer.

Returns: ऑर्डर परत येणे

Customers also have the option of returning the order in case there’s some issue with the product, size or fitting. When a customer returns the product, you as a seller is supposed to fetch the product back from the customer and do as needful.

Customer support: ग्राहकांना मदत करण्यासाठी

Customer support can be a team or a one man’s army looking for customers’ queries and resolving them. Great customer support creates loyal customers for life. So, to keep your customers happy, you should hear to their queries and resolve them as soon as you can.

Now that you know what the common terms of online selling are, we hope you’ll be able to start your online selling journey today. Once you are registered on Amazon, learn how Amazon will help you.
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