Everything you need to know about product photography in Delhi

It's time to represent your brand that lingers in the customers' memories

In this age of digitalisation, competition is cut-throat and attention spans have diminished. Digital marketers have to spend significant amounts of time and resources on creating engaging and visually-appealing content. Most businesses know well that good images are a key element of their online stores. This is particularly true for e-commerce businesses who rely on photographs to represent their products. To draw a consumer’s attention, influence his buying journey and boost conversions, high-quality product images are a pre-requisite.

This trend represents a great opportunity for professionals working in the visual or design domain. In a metropolis like Delhi, the teeming, bustling and massive commercial centre of the northern part of India, those with a penchant for photography can also earn quick bucks by offering their service. Shutterbugs can capitalize on the market’s need for high-quality images and offer their services to shoot look books, catalogues, fashion and products.

It's not an easy job though and finding the right opportunity as a product photographer, can be an uphill task. This is especially true if you’ve invested a lot of resources in buying pricey equipment.

But as more businesses sign up with Amazon, and benefit from our massive, global audience, the demand for product photography in Delhi is sure to shoot up. Are you a Dilliwalla who is ready to click photos for a living? Then here’s a quick checklist of must-haves:
-An eye for detail with the product as a focal point
-The right camera with a powerful lens for quality images
-The Ability to capture various angles of the product so all its features are captured
-A good understanding of lighting for maximum impact
-A collection of various standard backdrops, in different colours can come in handy
-A decent understanding of set design and props is always useful

Great product photographs can be a very effective marketing tool. And the best photographers do more than just shoot. They tell a story through their photos and create a desire for products even if the viewer does not have a need to begin with. Product photographs also serve as representations of the brand that linger on in customers’ memories.

If you are a seller looking for photographers to click product photpgraphs for you, Amazon’s SPN (Service Provider Network) provides several options for photography services to its seller network. Here, sellers and businesses can reach out and book imaging services for product photography in Delhi, to create quality products images that can hook customers. Amazon SPN can also help photographers market their product photography skills online, on a freelancing or a full-time basis. So, for sellers in Delhi, the first step is to register and start selling with Amazon, and enjoy a host of curated product photography services.
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